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I stand knees weak, body sore.
Delicious submission forced upon me.
I thank you for my punishment.
I beg for more.
On my knees before you, gag removed.
I accept what's given to me, even though it disgusts me.
You praise me.
Telling me how good I am.
What a good little whore I am.
Now for my reward.
The ropes around my wrists, knees and ankles are removed.
I stand next to the bed, as I know how this goes.
I wait shivering.
The snap has not come, I wait aching for it.
You stand in the doorway,
Waiting, your arms crossed, with a small smile on your face.
I glance up with the realization that the order is implied.
I crawl onto the bed, kneeling in the center.
You come to me.
I'm ready, arms stretched out in front of me.
You bind my hands, and then attach them to the loop on the head board.
My ankles are bound and secured to each end of the foot board.
I shiver, waiting.
You kneel behind me.
I feel the tickle of the whips tail.
You strike me with the hard end.
I gasp.
You strike me harder, again and again.
I'm begging for more.
Please, again.
You leave the bed.
I wait for the snap, my body shaking.
I hear it then feel it.
The wicked snap on my ass.
You have such amazing control, always hitting the right spots.
I close my eyes,
Hungering for more.
Please, may I have another?
I moan softly with a sigh.
You ask if I wish you to continue.
I beg You PLEASE!!
You oblige me, this is my reward.
Again and again, the whip leaves small cuts and wicked bruises.
I gasp and shudder.
May I have my release now, please?
You refuse.
I have only earned this much.
I beg to earn more.
You come to me.
Kneeling behind me, I can feel your arousal.
Please I beg, allow me to earn my next reward.
You smiled, slamming into my body without warning.
I scream out.
There is no reward yet,
I am punished for not remaining silent.
You pull back and slam into me again.
The pace is steady,
You wish my punishment to last.
Soon the tight rigid control you hold is coming lost.
You move faster.
I begin to whimper; please may I have my reward?
You strike my ass with the whip end again.
My body jerks, you're moving so fast I can't stop what's happening.
I jerk, my muscles clenching tightly around you.
You pump once, twice then empty yourself into me.
I sigh with a smile.
I am unbound,
We fall to dreams with your hand wrapped in my hair,
And a smile on both of our faces.

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