tagErotic PoetrySubmission (male p.o.v)

Submission (male p.o.v)


I stand, knees weak, body sore.
Delicious submission forced upon me.
I thank you for my punishment.
I beg for more.
On my knees before you, gag removed.
I accept what's given to me, even though it disgusts me.
I'm not gay,
But here, I am neither male nor female,
I am nothing more than flesh to be punished and holes to be filled,
You praise me.
Telling me what a good little whore I am.
Now for my reward.
As I know how this goes,
I wait shivering.
The snap has not come, I wait, aching for it.
You stand in the doorway,
Waiting, your arms crossed, with a small smile on your face.
I glance up with the realization that the order is implied.
So I bend at the waist, grabbing my ankles.
I hear you move into the room,
Then, with your excellent precision, I am rewarded
The whip snaps with exquisite cruelty,
You hit the exact spots I asked for,
Snap, snap, snap.
I call out,
Unable to hold in the scream a moment longer
I spoke out of turn, and I am punished for it.
The whip slices through the air and hits it's tender mark.
My body jerks,
Pain and pleasure explode when the small strips at the end of the whip connect with a testicle.
"Will you speak out of turn again?"
"No Sir," I have dropped to my knees
"You are to remain silent until I give u permission. Now, stand or the punishment will be worse"
Yes, Sir" I stand and attempt to stop my body from shaking yet it is to no effect.
I am shivering, waiting for the next perverse snap.
It hits fast, then the barrage of snaps comes.
Fast, faster, hitting to continuously, I have no time to react.
Snap, Snap, Snap, SNAP!
I hit the ground in a heap. Breath harsh and fast.
My body has been drained of all emotion, thought, and fluids.

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