tagErotic PoetrySubmissive Gift Pt. 1

Submissive Gift Pt. 1


She knelt patiently at the dungeon door;
Asking permission to enter;she then spoke no more.
He granted her request,pointing to the cold floor;
She crawled eagerly;his dominance, in which she will adore.
Kneeling in front of him,wanting to please;
Her submission was a gift,he so wanted to seize.
Her desire to serve beginning to grow;
Thoughts embedded in her mind&hungry to know.
She looked deep into his stern,caring eyes;
Knowing this lifestyle was no disguise.
Cuffed to a beam,he raised his brow,
This was her need she could not turn back now.
He attached a blindfold,as sweat ran down her breast;
His touch was something she couldnt detest.
He spoke to her clearly,as she tried to peek.
Lecturing her on submission,which was a gift many seek.
He then removed the blindfold and kissed her on the cheek;
YOU ARE STRONG SUBMISSIVE..and others so very weak.
His words were calming,yet the excitement made her shiver;
Her mind running freely like a swift flowing river....

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