Sue's Pa!

byUncle Pervey©

That old woman and me just couldn't git along,
So I decided one day that I'd jest git gone,
But as I was leavin', I got fortified with some brew.
That old woman sure did know how to nag,
So I promised myself that I'd git the last laugh,
And when my boy was born, I give him the name of Sue!

Second Verse.
Well I never expected to meet up with my son
And it figured that since I was makin' my run,
Nobody'd be there that'd make him grow big an' strong!
So I gived him that name, while I was drunk,
On some old home brew that was called "Old Skunk,"
And I guessed that then maybe he just plain couldn't go wrong!

Third Verse.
Well I roamed from town to town each year,
A playing cards an' a drinkin' beer,
A livin' high, and havin' me a real good time!
Some fooled draw two, an' I'd draw me three,
An' I won every time I delt to me,
Just a livin' grand and everything goin' really fine!

Fourth Verse.
It was Gatlinburg and it was mid-July,
I was dealin' cards and feelin' real high,
When the door busted open, an' a hurricane blowed in!
I looked up, and my blood run cold,
I said to me "Hey, that looks like me twenty years ago!"
Then I shook off my feelin', and dealt a round again!

Fifth Verse.
I was just playin' cards, an' drinkin' my brew,
When I heerd something called that sounded like Sue,
But I just didn't think much about it at the time!
Then I looked up, and to my great surprise,
This stranger plum belted me, right in my eye,
And I fell from my chair like a pole-axed mule on the line!

Sixth Verse.
Well I come up with my knife, an' without a tear,
I cuts a big hunk off this feller's ear,
I hoped that'd stop him before I had to get tough!
But he jerked old Charlie clean off his seat,
And he smacked me with it right across my teeth,
As we crashed through the wall I guessed it was gonna git rough!

Seventh Verse.
Well I kicked him one time and he bit me twice,
I can tell you boys it just wern't gettin' nice,
He kicked like a mule and bit like an old crocodile!
He'd hit me real hard and then I'd knock him down,
And I'd try to stomp his face in the ground,
And I steps back an' says, "This man's a fightin' my style!"

Eigth Verse.
As we fought to a street light I looked good at him,
And I began seein' a strong resemblance then,
The way that he fought he had to be my boy Sue!
Well we kicked and we gouged for a night or so,
And by then I was starting to really blow,
And as we grabbed our guns I thought my thinkin' better be true!

Ninth Verse.
I figured right then that I better think fast,
Or this fight just likely, might be my last,
So I looks at him an' then I began to smile!
Well he looked at me, and I, looked at him,
And the mext thing you know, we both had a grin,
And we both thought together, wasn't we cutting a style!

Tenth Verse.
It was just about then I tole my son,
My thinkin' behind just what I'd done,
And I explained to him it was the name that made him strong!
I told him about Maw, an' her big mouth,
And he began to understand what it was about,
And I knew right then that me and my son Sue'd get along!

Eleventh Verse.
We parted some later, and it was no disgrace,
To be tellin' you boys, I had tears on my face,
And I came away with, a real different point of view!
If I ever make the same misstake again,
Of gittin' hooked up, with some old hen,
I ain't never again gonna name my boy child Sue!!

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