Her Shyness Made Her Sexy and Complete

She did not want to undress for my eyes
Or let me scan the leanness of her thighs
It took kind words to see her in the nude
I saw each contour with my gaze so lewd
She was embarrassed, blushing crimson red
I smiled; her nakedness went to my head
She turned away, against the stolid wall
Her privates turned away concealing all
I grabbed her leash and gave a steady yank
She lurched away, into my arms she sank
I felt her naked flesh and it was fine
I'd rather have her kiss than costly wine
I pressed my lips to hers, she held her breath
Her body tensed as if in fear of death

I ordered her to masturbate for me
She stroked herself indeed reluctantly
I held her hand against her comely slit
Round circular the motion on her clit
She rubbed her breasts, I kissed her tender lips
Her areolas felt my fingertips
They puckered and changed hue to ochre rough
Her nipples stood as if they'd had enough
They were so hard I had to make the score
My tongue blade licked them hard, they would be sore
And tender later, this girl was my toy
Her treasure trove and teats mine to enjoy
She wore my collar, she was mine to take
Her shyness and her will were mine to break

At first I let her masturbate for me
This first attempt at sexuality
Then I commanded her to give me head
She cried but heeded every word I said
Awakening her inner carnal drive
Allowed her libido in lust to dive
She felt the burning craving in her cave
She felt her heat in lustful actions brave
Into her tight damp she shoved fingers deep
She felt her G-spot and her fluid seep
That honey nectar wet her fingers well
Aroused she sniffed her lustful female smell
The garlic-like perfume from her hot hole
Turned my existence into one hard pole

Then to the bed for missionary sex
She would not go; I yanked her to me next
And took the riding crop to tan her ass
She knew that I would get my way at last
"A girl will get in bed" she spoke to me
"Please Master" spoken so submissively
That I could strike only one time true
And to the bed I took her for her due
She was too tight, I had force my way
To open her. She cried; I had my day
Tomorrow she'd be sore but once again
I'd enter her and spread her satin skin
She was my girl, she was my favorite toy
Her beauty was too much not to enjoy

Her mouth and pussy both had known my use
What other cavities could know abuse
I groped her carved derriere with fingertips
She pinched her buttocks tight and clenched her hips
This hidden palace she would keep secure
I ordered her make supplications pure
Beg use of your most tender, pink rosette
Her lips were silent, eyes were tearful wet
She was not ready to submit to me
This final act of total slavery
In time perhaps she would yield to my will
Deliver up the ultimate in thrill
Sometimes she'd misbehave and beg the quirt
I think this girl enjoyed a little hurt

She liked rough sex, there's no denying that
The riding crop lay on with tingling swat
She liked the bondage, also the strong cage
She'd kiss the whip; it's smartness to assuage
This girl and I we were one and the same
In course of time her wildness I would tame
And open her for every lewd desire
Make her be wet with lustful burning fire
She'd learn to beg for sex both day and night
To have a man she'd even risk a fight
This girl would learn seduction as an art
Her passion fiery in licentious heart
She will become a succubus supreme
Her net will snare the man in his own dream

I want to make put this lovely on display
Parade her publicly, then let men say
That she's a beauty worthy of the rack
How much they'd love to have her on her back
To service them in ways most wantonly
She is my girl, for all eternity
Or maybe just a day or just an hour
Who is to say---relationships can sour
The flame of passion flickers furtively
It sputters sending sparks out carelessly
And smolders---soon to fall into disgrace
Alighted else, another Master's face
Will flush with joy at my girl's winsome way
And my old eyes with sorrow turn away

"Summy" a poem by Taunus 23 Jan 2006

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