She aproaches him slowly, touches his mind, feels the emotion from the hot tie that binds. Shes hot for his loving wanton and wild, the needs of a woman; the wonder of child.

Wanting so wholly to be in his mind, she approaches him slowly and and offers the binds. Smiles at him meekly, with heat in her eyes; trails a soft finger and touches her thighs.

Dropping soft hands and shoving back lace, she delves in her wetness and offers her taste; gazing so hotly; so deep in his eyes, she drops a sweet smile and opens her thighs.

Placing both hands on hot swollen lips she pushes aside and shows him her clit. Seeing sweet hotness live in his eyes, she slowly fingers, spreading her thighs.

She tells him I've wanted you for such a long while; she holds him quite softly in her voice and smile.

Licking her lips, she kneels upon knees, loosens all that binds him; and begs a sweet.... please. Slowly she lingers as she lifts him out, takes the tip of his hardness; sucks into her mouth.

Wanting you deeply and hot in her soul, she gazes straight at you and swallows you whole.

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