tagErotic PoetrySweet Desires Revenge

Sweet Desires Revenge


This poem is dedicated to a very special man who opened a door. Thank you Sir. ~smiles~

lay you down
cool satin sheets
against bare flesh
caressing your shoulders...

while soft fingers
play a-rousing tune
across your broad chest...
teasing, tantalizing
every nerve
to full attention

stroking softly
across each foot
before binding each
corner to corner

watching you
eyes burning a path
devouring every
as I move to your head

fingers brushing lightly
over cheek
across moist lips
contemplating that
which soon I will taste

reaching for your hand
running my tongue
across the tips of your fingers
placing a warm soft kiss
into your palm
teasing and tickling you
with my playful tongue
before sucking each finger
into my hot wet mouth
and tasting you

moving as I do
to the corner
and releasing you
from my lips
only to capture you
with rope

leaning forward
to take your lips
in a deep searching kiss
as I reach for
and take
your other hand
again to taste...

finally, you are mine
to please...

and so, it begins....

velvet tongue licking, dancing
across your shoulders
pausing to allow
sharp playful teeth
to bite and nip
the sweet spots
on your neck

naughty nymph
playing and teasing
watching and waiting
until your arousal
is proudly displayed
hard and swollen
throbbing and aching

then taking the length
of coiled rope
patiently waiting
rough and slender
in delicate fingers
forming a loop
sliding it down
around your shaft
stiff with desire

coiling the rope
one loop
one circuit
slowly 'round
your swelling rod
in rough hemp

all the way
to the edge
tucked tight
under the head

feeling the tip
grow and pulse
under my fingertips
as your need rises
heated blood flowing
to the only place
left free

stroking my thumb
over the tip
soft and light
then wicked nail
scraping slowly
down the side
tracing the edge

soft pleasure
with touch of nasty
wicked playfulness

one more length
of thinner rope
binding balls
ringing them
with gentle strength
a tempting feast
for eyes...

your capture complete
time has come
for sweet torture
pleasure and pain
to mix and mingle
making you groan

your firm flesh
with a damp sheen
of perspiration
purely of male
under my lips and tongue

nipples peaked and pointed
teasing your captured body
as I lean over you
with greedy mouth
to explore and savor
every curve and dip
of your heated
succulent flesh

molten heat grows
between my legs
dampening luscious thighs
with sweet nectar

slowly I straddle you
teasing you
with my scent
tempting you to taste
even as my mouth
tastes the moist
mute evidence of your need

tongue and teeth
pleasure and pain
nice and nasty
your rigid wrapped rod
and swollen balls

sharp nails
soft fingertips
pain and pleasure
nasty and nice
another variety
similar flavor
driving you wild

how long
can you take
this sweet torture

feeling you writhe
with need so great

pleasure is mine
as I play
on your wonderful body
my wicked nasty tune

pleasing you
pushing you
closer to the edge
of insane desire

sounds escaping
your tender lips
music to my ears
as I strum ...
the tune
you consented to

sweet agony
and the tune changes
as I straddle your hips
slide the swollen tip
of your manhood
between my lips
coating it
with warm honey

stroking you
with my clit
teasing you
with my heat
soaking you
with my cream

then taking you
between my lips
and licking
our mingled cream
cleaning you
with painful ecstasy

and back again
to tease...
you with my desire

easing you deeper
taunting you
with what
I know you crave
so tantalizingly close
feeling you

how long
can you bear it
before the words
I crave to hear
slip from between your lips
how long....

for I know
what you do not
with those words
released you will be
and then we will see
what new twists
nasty can take...

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