tagErotic PoetrySweet Sable Possession (3)

Sweet Sable Possession (3)


Sweet Sable Possession


So taught,
So newly schooled,
Standing in static grace
Standing in a cloaking quiver.
Black adorned by black

Free chosen captivity,
Worn proudly,
My eyes roam your being
As they might a prized thoroughbred.
Drinking deep of youth,

Your youth shines
Illuminating my darkest soul,
It burns my eyes
Its beauty fierce’ proud
So humbled

I humble you for your enthrallment,
Your insatiate need
That pure, pure, thing,
Defining being
Want and need as one.

I sit and trace curved thigh,
Soaking up your tremble,
That soft shiver in flesh
Enfolded am I
In your scent.

Black ,so fitted, lace,
Courses your terrain
Those hills and vales
Of such sweet tasting harvests.
Misted in Lace.

Beauty through a colour wash,
Firm breast,
Cupped in filled hand,
Hardened peak seeking,
More of me.

Wayward hand, deserting eager kin,
Spans twinned globes,
So made for passage,
Now bend
I insist.

Behold perfection,
Black lace framed,
Behold joy
Lace framed, black
My toy

Unwrapped, your layers,
Still hidden,
Revelation to come,
An epiphany of will
Mine own.

Slim wrists bejewelled in steel,
You bend and thrust,
Defiance or lust,
No matter

A hinting of sensation,
The belt slides ‘pon skin,
Kisses your ass
As it trails away.

Back arching,
You tense the chain
Tease those bonds
That tease
Your lust

You squirm.
unwilled in passive heat
in a passive lie
demanding possession.

Ambiguity masked
Demand and compliance
Machiavellian conspirators
In your dance of deep hungers
Deep joys.

Breath deepening
Breasts swaying in enchantment,
My witch subdued,
My willing, wanton
Deep on deep
I step into you
Know your depths
Your heat
So fierce

I feel your clench
Involuntary demanding greed
To feed on flesh
So knowing
Deep andHard.

Speak now
I rasp
My words invasive
Beyond my fleshy barb

That paradise ass
Lunges stuttering
Shuddering its demand,
around sensate man

Speak I punctuate with hard flesh,
Fucking commas as thrusts,
Handed breasts swell
Seeking swollen nurture

Speak I said again.
Slapping a full stop,
‘Please’ uttered
Your summons
Your prayer.

We form ourselves,
In brazen parade,
Sweet celebration
Of our Souls'
Soul fed Carnival.

You are the Queen,
Of that rite
Beadless, laid bare by gift,
Offered in rags
Woven in torrid splendour.

We sweat our vintage
And share the toast
Silent declaration
That all that you are and can be
Is , gifted , Mine.

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