tagErotic PoetrySweet Stefany!

Sweet Stefany!

byUncle Pervey©

I used to change Stefany's diapers,
And clean her up when she was a baby.
I used to help train her on the potty,
And I fell in love with her then, maybe!

Stefany is my gorgeous red-haired girl,
And I've known her since she was just a child.
She's as pretty now as she was back then,
And her sexy saucy ways drives me wild!

Stefany has got dark red shining hair,
And her body is so perfect to me.
Her tiny waist accents her firm round hips,
And her tapered legs are something to see!

Stefany has gorgeous glorious breasts,
They have hot-pink nipples and ride her high.
Her pussy lies hidden beneath red curls,
And the shadow of it makes me just sigh!

I love to lick and suck Stefany's breasts,
The taste of her pink nipples lights my fire.
I love to suck them til they're sticking out,
And when I do I ignite our desire!

Stefany's stomach is smooth and silky,
And her belly-button tastes delicious.
I love to ream it out with my hot tongue,
Because it always tastes so nutricious!

The insides of her thighs are warm and smooth,
And when I lick and suck them my lust grows.
I leave hicky marks all along their length,
And this is when Stefany's pussy flows!

Every time she opens her legs for me,
Her pussy opens up like a flower.
When I see its wet shining pinkness there,
I want to lick and suck it and devour!

Stefany's clit is so delectible,
I almost make it raw from my licking.
I love to lick and suck it til it swells,
And Stefany starts cumming and kicking!

When Stefany cums it tastes warm and sweet,
And I lick and swallow each precious drop.
I give her pussy's hole a good slurping,
I love its taste so much I just can't stop!

When my cock slides in Stefany's pussy,
There's no experience that can compare.
Stefany's hot pussy's so slick inside,
The joy and pleasure I feel is right there!

When I feel my cock inside start to cum,
The pleasure I feel goes straight to my brain.
The joy I feel is just like a blessing,
And my climax almost drives me insane!

I taught Stefany to love ass fucking,
Because her ass is perfect in all ways.
And when I lick her cheeks and tongue her crack,
Her sweet tight asshole leaves me in a daze!

Stefany's tight asshole is like Heaven,
The way it squeezes me and milks me dry.
I love to feel my hot cum fill her hole,
My pleasure feels so good I want to cry!

Stefany's my scrumptious succulent niece,
And when she's lying naked she just shines.
I love to lick her body all over,
And to love her every way and make her mine!!

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