tagErotic PoetrySwitch Pt. 3 (The Intimate)

Switch Pt. 3 (The Intimate)

bySir Phoenix©

feel Me caress your skin
how close I get, but not yet in
teasing, tempting, feel your heat
this fire burns to make you complete

Sir, yes, You know my name
my name, my name, Your name you give
this name, Your name i scream
wanting more every moment i live

good things come to those who wait love
anticipate love, concentrate love
I need you here with Me, your trust
your desire as I touch you, your lust
unleash it as I enter, show me your fangs, your claws
Give Me your hair to pull, your neck to take because
your breasts to feel, your skin to dig into
your mouth to taste, to savor, yes begin to...

i've begun already Sir, take me please i beg
release Yourself and show Me what You crave
allow me to bend, to scream, to fuck You,
to want to die in Your arms, allow me the freedom to misbehave

with rage in My eyes, I take your indentity
I give you this one, and from here on in
as O/our passion dances around these bedposts,
the freedom to create with Me such a sin.

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