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T.I.S.T. Album Song 1


May 24, 2009
Album-The Intergalactic Space Travelers Song 1

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Heavy Metal Thunder Productions

Copyright protected on May 2009.

The persons, places, entities, and events depicted in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, places, entities, or events is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Warning! Some stories may contain adult language, explicate violence, adult situations, and some sexual content. These stories are intended for a mature audience.

Album- The Intergalactic Space Travelers (A Mutant Age Rock Band) An Electrical Fire In/On My Ear

Written by Stacy James Meadows

With Concepts Created by Stacy James Meadows, Larry William Van Hoorebeke, and Donald Edward Van Hoorebeke.

Song 1 The Intergalactic Space Travelers Rap

Commissioner: Sunstar
Leader: The Electrical Phantom
2nd in Command: Electrical Boy
Others: Dentgirl, Micro Wave Man, Powerbird, Psycho, & Starfighter.
Drums: Micro Wave Man
Keyboards: Sunstar & Powerbird.
Guitar: Dentgirl & Psycho
Special Guest Singer, Security Guard, & Driver: Starfighter
Keyboard & Guitar Extra: Electrical Boy
Saxophone & Extra: The Electrical Phantom
Harmonica: Sunstar
Drums- Tat Tat Boom Tat Tat Ba Boom Boom
Chorus (Everyone)
We're the Intergalactic Space Travelers.
We're going to rap to all you gathers.
We're a major mutant age rock band.
Sweeping the nation and foreign lands.
We're here to give you some friendly advice,
And we're trying to teach all the novice.
We have all sorts of mutant powers,
And you don't have to worry,
We all take showers,
And we won't step on your flowers.
We battle crooks and thieves,
Defeating them with ease,
Because we're the Intergalactic Space Travelers,
So listen up all you gathers.
Verse 1 (Sunstar)
My name is Sunatar,
And I know I've gone far.
I'm the commissioner of this band,
That's sweeping this nation and foreign lands.
I know martial arts and wizardry.
It's like nothing to a master like me.
I can change my size, shape, appearance, and matter,
So I can make the bad guys go "Splatter!"
I have a bunch of weapons and vehicles,
From the heavy artillery to little bicycles,
I can make them with no plans,
With nothing at all except the equipment and my bare hands.
You guys take it, but try not to break it!
Verse 2 (The Electrical Phantom)
My name is the Electrical Phantom,
The True Master of Electricity,
We're doing this gig for the publicity.
I have two weapons: a ninja star and magic hammer,
So watch out bad guys, I'm gonna throw ya in the slammer.
I got a ninja star that's guided by hand,
And a magic hammer that can change into anything in the land,
I can shoot electricity,
And make electrical weapons, shields, and cages quite easily,
I have electro magnetic powers,
That can cause metal showers,
I have special visions,
And I command all the divisions,
Because I'm the leader of this band,
And we're sweeping the nation and foreign lands.
Verse 3 (Electrical Boy)
My name is Electrical Boy,
And I can make plenty of blue holographic decoys.
I can sort of run or fly real fast,
And can shoot all sorts of blasts.
My body is full of gadgets and wires,
And I can easily blast out the bad guy tires.
My suit is indestructible,
And anything I break isn't tax deductible.
I have several claws and carry some spinach,
So I guess you could say I just finished.
Verse 4 (Dentgirl)
My name is Dentgirl,
And I'm kind of a special pearl.
I can bend, break, or fix glass and metal.
I love rock and roll, especially heavy metal.
I have magnetic and radar powers,
Which can find all the evil no good foulers.
I can shoot from my hands lasers and fire,
Which can blow out the bad guys' tires.
I can shoot out electronic waves,
Which can dig a villain's grave.
You guys take it away.
Verse 5 (Micro Wave Man)
My name is Micro Wave Man,
And I'm doing whatever I can.
I can run really super fast,
And can make a micro beam blast,
I can grow or shrink,
Or stretch in a blink,
I can holler real loud,
Or even change into a cloud.
I can phase through things,
Or make my appearance change.
You guys take it away before I become deranged.
Verse 6 (Powerbird)
My name is Powerbird.
I would really like to be heard.
I can shoot lasers, ice, and fire.
Watch my flames get higher and higher.
I can change into a bird or mutant,
So I can rescue people because it's important.
So you guys take it and don't deport it.
Verse 7 (Psycho)
My name is Psycho,
And I'm kind of a wacko.
I have these claws,
They're kind of against the law.
I can glow-in-the-dark and have mind powers.
I'm not the type to smell the flowers,
And I hate to take showers, but they make me,
So take it over guys before it breaks me.
Verse 8 (Starfighter)
My name is Starfighter,
And I'm a really good driver.
I have camouflage and roping abilities,
And I can climb mountains or trees.
I'm a sharp shooter,
And can knock a bad guy off of a scooter.
I have a radar hat and laser eye,
I can spot anything that is in the sky.
I have a unique weapon cane,
That I can change into all sorts of things.
I know guarding and fighting techniques,
And can make weapons that are truly unique.
Take it away all you other geeks.
(Repeat Chorus)
(2nd Chorus Ending) (everyone)
We're the Intergalactic Space Travelers,
So thanks to all you gathers.
You listened real well,
And we think you're all swell.
We're a mutant age rock band,
That's sweeping this nation and foreign lands.

To be continued.

Next Song 2 Heavy Metal Thunder's own theme song, so check it out, coming soon.

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