byslave naia©

Take my innocence dear powerful one. Take my childish thoughts on what the world thinks is love. Use me at your beckoned call. I have read the books, oh powerful one. Read them many times. I know now that this is what I require. Grab me, twist me at your command. Take this innocent slut and utilize her as you require her. Raping her body, leave her craving more. Let her imbibe every drop that comes from you. Make her consume the very core of you. Humiliate her in front of your professor friends, like a teenage
girl desires you to do. Play with her in front of
them. Cover her body with a million touches, a million probes. I sit here in the back of the room, knowing you know about me. Caught me with my book. Picked it up off the floor. Your bright green eyes met mine. I knew you understood. I knew that you would not shun me the way others might. Take me dear powerful one, this submissive child begs you. Teach her, reveal to her what only the minority will begin to see.

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