tagErotic PoetryTake heart, O broken heart

Take heart, O broken heart


Take heart O broken heart, for you are not the first or the last heart to be broken. In that simple truth, know that you are not alone. I say this out of kindness and the knowledge that comes from mending my own broken heart.

Take heart O broken heart, and remember all the good and decent things that made you love in the first place. Remember those things, cherish them but do not forget the reasons that this love faltered.

Take heart O broken heart, and know that no love is perfect, no love is without fault. However when it is good there is nothing like it, when it goes wrong, there is no pain like it either. Only love can bring both joy and pain.

Take heart O broken heart, it is possible to play the game of love perfectly and still lose. However just because you have loved and lost does not make you less of a person but rather braver than most for some never risk the pain.

Take heart O broken heart, do not doubt yourself or your worthiness to be loved. For every broken heart, there was a brave soul who risked the pain to find joy, tenderness and love. The weak souls never recover from a broken heart.

Take heart O broken heart, you will find love again. You are too brave a soul, too strong a heart, too special a person not to. Take the time you need to mourn the loss of the love that is gone, but do not stay there. Get up and love again.

Take heart O broken heart,
for you are not alone.

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