Take Me


My hands tremble at the thought of touching you,
My heart palpitates thinking of the things we’ll do,

I run my fingers over my lips,
Imagining your taste, your kiss,

I become excited, and there is a catch in my breath,
Mmmm…imagining your mouth on my breasts,

Tongue teasing the peaks and making me ache,
The fire burns hotter with each move you make,

My hands reach down to grip the hardness that has formed,
My mouth slides down over you, tasting you, mmmm, my mouth, wet, warm,

Your hands in my hair, guiding,
The taste of you is delighting,

I feel you tense and jerk with each flick of my tongue,
I smile, and continue, wanting you to lose control, wanting you to cum,

I pull you deeper into my throat, the sensation is intense,
That your hands grip my head and the cumming begins to commence,

You smile down at me as I lick the last drop from you,
And I become even hotter, knowing what you’ll do,

You pull me up off of my knees,
And state that it’s your turn to please,

You lay me down and trail kisses down the length of me,
Working your way to the center of my heat, slowly,

Nipping and biting at the insides of my thighs,
Making my need for you come alive,

I can’t take it anymore,
I pull you to me, begging you to explore,

The wetness you have created and the fire you have begun,
I want you tease me and penetrate me with your tongue,

You taunt and you tease,
Making me ache and week in the knees,

I moan and cry out your name,
Knowing that after this I’ll never be the same,

Gliding your tongue in and out of my heat,
My thighs grip your head, until the climax is complete,

Then breathlessly I smile down at you, amazed,
Still I ache for you, quivering and crazed,

I crawl back down between your legs and I start to suck,
Harder and faster, but that's not enough,

You grin, knowing what to do,
You pump my mouth, as I deepthroat you,

Again you are hard and hot,
You flip me over and push me down, reading my thoughts,

On the floor,
On all fours,

You grab my hips and ease your hardness in,
Inch by inch, my head starts to swim,

Inside me deep, and the rhythm is hard and fast,
I’m moaning and screaming wanting the moment to last,

You put one hand in my hair, and one on my hip,
Increasing the speed, tightening your grip,

Harder, and faster you pound me deep,
My control is lost as you penetrate me,

I’m shaking and moaning, cumming with each stroke,
You feel me tense and tighten, and you know,

As if on cue,
I slam back into you,

Grinding, claiming me for your own,
Plunging deep, driving it home,

We become lost in our own place and time,
Fantasy into reality, we have crossed the line,

Bodies trembling, and spent on the floor,
We doze off, knowing we will wake wanting more.

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