i was sleeping naked in my bed
when i felt something touch my tit
then i heard a deep voice
say,"bitch you're gonna get it"
it was dark in my room
so i couldn't really see
but i was able to scream out
"someone please help me"
he covered my mouth
and began to laugh
saying,"you're one slut
that i must have"
he ripped off my blanket
then dropped his pants
i couldn't get away
there was no chance
he threw himself on me
and pinned my arms to my side
i couldn't move my feet
because to the bed they were tied
he rammed his cock in me
and i started to scream
"dear God let him stop
let this be just a dream"
he was smiling and laughing
i was crying and screaming
i was being defiled
and it felt so demeaning
he spit on my tits
and slid his dick in between
his balls were sweaty
and he didn't smell clean
the entire time
my eyes were closed
my mouth was gagged
i had to breathe from my nose
i didn't want to see him
or suck on his cock
i don't know how he got in
my door was locked
he fucked my titties
until he finally came
i love it when me and my husband
play this little game

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