tagErotic PoetryTall Slim Man

Tall Slim Man


Delivery Man (Tall Slim Man)

The door bell rings,
an expected parcel delivery,
standing there a tall slim man,
brown parcel and clipboard in hand

Madam a parcel for Mrs L,
I need you to sign here,
No pen
Must I find a pen, I ask?

A pen I find in the kitchen,
The tall slim man facing me,
He has followed me into my privacy,
I stand rooted to the ground

The tall slim man looks at me,
His eyes following my heaving breasts,
Only covered by my blouse,
Two buttons only fast

Quickly I find myself naked,
Bra broken in half,
Blouse and skirt dropped to the floor
Panties soaking wet, in a heap

The tall slim man has his hands on my breasts,
I can feel his hardness against my bottom,
One hand falls onto my wet pussy
Fingers, fingers, oh those long fingers

What is happening, God am I...
No surely I am not being taken,
Taken by the tall slim man,
This is not happening, yes it is, oh God

His hands on my back,
Pushing down forcing my bottom up
Exposed to the tall slim man,
My holes wide, taken

The feel of a dildo and an ass plug
Forced into me, exploding
My nipples pulled tight
My breasts exploding with lust

The tall thin man swearing at me,
I want him to swear more
What am I doing, I am enjoying this
This is not me, but it must be!

Confused, excitement, enjoyment, lust,
I want his cock in me, I must, I must have,
Fuck me tall slim man,
I am yours, take me hard

His cock throbbing in front of me
Demanding I suck it, taste it
Back of my throat burning
Deep deep deeper, thrusting thrusting

Cum you fucking bitch I hear him say
Whore, slut, bitch, he calls me
I know I am I admit,
I am yours, tall slim man, fuck me

My cunt is desperate, it cries for insertion
My ass hole wants his all
Fuck me tall slim man, fuck me
My body writhing in sexual ecstacy

I am on the table, how did I get here
He is on top of me, his cock in me
Pumping , balls slapping my thighs
I am going to cum, fuck yes, please God

My breasts being beaten, slapped,
My ass cheeks red with the slaps of his hand
My cunt being deprived of his beautiful cock
He slaps my pussy, yes, yes, more, more

Ordered to go like a dog on all fours,
Bitch again I say to myself, fuck fuck
The tall slim man covers me
Cock in my asshole fucking me, more, more

On my back on the floor lying there
Sweat pouring off me, my hair wet
Cumming dribbling, crying, soaked
The tall slim man, you're a bastard, Sir

Encouragement to pee. Pee I say?
Pee you whore, slut, bitch, those names!
Stomach clenching, mind in disarray
What am I doing, fuck I am peeing

The tall slim man looks at me
Sees my naked body, grins at my plight
Soaked, used, abused, fucked, degraded
The tall slim man at my door.

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