Taste Me


i came out of the shower, all fresh and clean and shaven.
my smooth skin smelled so sweet.
my wild black hair dripped water down my back,
and my fresh clean pussy was good enough to eat.

i walked naked to my bedroom, seeing you still asleep in my bed.
must have tired you out during the night.
i crawled up to you, kneeling above your head, while you slowly opened your eyes.
my pussy inches from your face must have been quite a sight.

"taste me, lover" i whispered softly, and you obliged.
your tongue darted out and made contact with my cunt.
you licked my slit from the front to the back.
it felt so good, i couldn't help but moan and grunt.

you ate my pussy until i screamed.
begging you to stop after i came.
you even slurped all my juices up.
i moved down to your cock, ready to reciprocate and do the same.

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