With satin red sheets
And blue velvet drapes
The moonlight’s soft light
Catches two moving shapes
The shadows that dance
To a song from the heart
Two bodies connecting
Made one from the start
The lace curtains billow
A cool breeze does blow
Her head finds the pillow
A fire burns below
He hungers for kisses
Her arms hold him near
Their love never misses
There’s nothing to fear
She guides him to places
To pleasures untold
Her sweet warmth so welcome
Her body to mould
He fills her with passion
So ridged and firm
She lustfully whispers
That she wants her turn
She rides him so freely
He meets every thrust
Their passion is clearly
Much more than just lust
He takes her beneath him
With one mighty drive
She cries out with pleasure
Her moment’s arrived
Her fills her with juices
With loves tender seed
Soft moans she produces
Complete is their need.
He holds her so tender
So tight and so true
A united surrender
Just like me and you.

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