tagErotic PoetryThe Bar Scene

The Bar Scene


MMM...I walk in,
Wearing a short skirt, and a shirt that's very thin,
High heeled sandals and no bra,
NO panties...I bend over and you can see it all,
I look back and smile coyly at you,
Flippantly daring you to do what you want to,
My long red hair is pinned back,
I order a drink and let out a small laugh,
I adjust myself on the stool at the bar,
Once again, I look back to where you are,
Running my wet tongue over my red lips...teasing,
Your mind races...thinking just how my mouth could be pleasing,
I turn to face you ...and lean back on the bar,
You can see that my nipples are hard,
I walk over to the jukebox...which is only a few feet away,
I lean forward...and I hear you say...
"Bitch, come here!"
I come close...teasing you and defiantly dump your beer,
I try to walk away,
"I know what you want and so do you!"
You pull my ass down square on your lap, I feign anger...and struggle, but you see right through,
I bite the hand that holds me down,
I bolt for the door and look back to see you frown,
You get up to follow chase,
To take me and put me in my place!
I walk slowly down the block,
Thinking you are still in the bar, but you are not,
You are walking,
Watching my skirt tease,
With each step and whisper of a breeze,
In the shadows you follow,
Eyeing every curve every hollow,
Clinching your hands and biting your lips,
Following the swish of my hair and the sway of my hips,
You follow me to my door,
Just as I get it unlocked and step inside, you rush me...knocking me to the floor,
I gasp and I try to scream,
You wrench my arm behind me, I look back, and I see that dangerous gleam,
I see the hunger and rage in your eyes,
I struggle more as I realize,
With all your weight on me...you kick the door shut,
You growl, "You shouldn't tease, you little slut!"
I whimper and start to cry,
You say, "Don't start that, don't even try!"
"You know you want my cock inside of you,
I'm going to own your ass before the night is through!"
You yank me up and take me to the kitchen...and with one swipe you clear the table and lay me down,
Trying to figure it out, you look around,
Ahh..ha...you see electric tape I had used that day,
To fix a shredded cord on my microwave,
With one hand at my throat you reach for the tape,
I kick you and try to escape,
You grab me by my hair,
Saying, "BITCH, you better quit, I don't play fair!"
You slam me back down on the tabletop and you strap my hands together above my head,
My feet you tape down to each table leg...opening them wide....making me spread,
Then you tape my mouth..so no one can hear,
You laugh as you see the fear and notice the tears,
"Little late for that now!"
I have to get away somehow,
You tear my shirt open and my tits fall free,
You lean down, licking and biting my nipples...and you can hear the whimpers of pain coming from me,
This makes you smile and you pull out your cock,
Looking down at me...you get stiff and hot,
You grab a knife from the counter to the right,
Slicing my skirt...displaying me...loving the sight,
After leaving my tits aching and red,
You nip your way down...lowering your head,
I shiver as I feel you between my thighs,
As you start to suck my clit, you turn on the light,
Saying, "Slut, I want to see your face when I make you cum!"
And you will many times before I'm done,
Your tongue lashes out whipping the swollen part of me,
Feeling me grown hot...you slide your tongue inside my pussy,
Tasting the sweet taste of desire,
You just smile, knowing you started the fire,
Then I feel your fingers invading the inner most part of me,
You feel me tense and you increase the speed,
One hand on my throat and the other fucking,
You feel me start to cum...and see my body bucking,
My head is spinning...how can this be?
You are raping me!
You see the bewilderment cross my face,
Before I can recover, your fingers get replaced,
You are teasing me with the head of your cock,
Then you reach up to my mouth and pull the tape off,
I let out a yelp...and you put your cock to my lips,
I try to turn my head, you grab my hair and say, "Suck it BITCH!!,
I take in an inch or two,
Repulsed at first, by the taste of you,
You order, "No playing around, I said SUCK!"
I take you in deeper, my mouth you start to fuck,
Sliding deep into my throat and all the way out again,
You tense and I feel you cum in my throat, I gag and I swallow, then,
I think we are done, through,
I relax and you see it, "Oh NO BITCH, I'M NOT FINISHED WITH YOU!"
Wondering what will happen next,
You untape my legs and carry me to the bed,
My hands are still bound,
You throw me down,
You crawl on top of me,
Your eyes peering down with intensity,
You hand goes between my legs and you spread them wide,
Then your hands go to my hips and you shove your cock deep inside,
You leer down at me and say,"Your mouth was made to suck,
And your body begs to be fucked! "
You are grunting and slamming into me hard, I start to thrash and moan,
You pump me harder letting out a groan,
You feel the hot stickiness run down your shaft,
I look up at you, my body's spent, you let out a laugh,
I look down and see your cock is still hard, I know you aren't through,
Wondering what is next...what will you do,
You stand, grabbing me by the ankles, you flip me over onto all fours,
And you tell me, "I'm going to fuck you like you never been fucked before!
I feel you start to tease my ass,
And I plead as I look back,
"Please, don't do this,"
You plunge deep into my virgin ass, and you let out a groan,
"You are so tight" I scream and I moan,
I start to black out the pain is so intense,
You grab my hair and pull my head back....the fucking commences,
One hand in my hair and the other on my back,
You grind into me...claiming my ass,
The pain starts to ease into an ache,
You let go of my hair, put both hands on my hips, You slam into me, saying, "Let's see how much you can take,"
With that, you pump my ass hard and deep,
Grinning with satisfaction, knowing you have claimed every part of me,
You grab me back the neck...as you give me one more thrust...and cum deep inside,
Glad it's over I lean back into you, and you say,"Now, you're mine!"
I shrug, not understanding...and you turn me over...,
"I own your ass, there will be no other,"
I will chain you and tame you,
I will make you submit,
To me, your body, mind, and soul, you will commit,
Your body fits mine like a glove,
I own you, you are mine, Dove!"

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