tagErotic Poetrythe beauty of benefits

the beauty of benefits


compared to you
the sun is cold
you're a sexual extrovert
you're liberated and bold
you fuck all the time
with no regrets
you're as open minded and horny
as one can get
you eat pussy
like a man on a mission
i know this for a fact
it's not just my woman's intuition
you aim to please
and you always satisfy
there's a long line of women
waiting to give your dick a try
when the mood strikes
i hope you think of me
i like it rough
there's no need for delicacy
it would be my honor
to get you in the sack
i'm an outstanding fuck
i never hold back
you and me fucking
would make sparks fly
there would be fireworks
better than the forth of july
i'd cover you with kisses
you'd cover me with sperm
we could be friends with benefits
for short or long term
give it to me baby
andy way that you please
do you want me on myh back
or do you want me on my knees
i can go with the flow
that's just how i operate
you'll always find my pussy
in a wet and excited state

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