tagErotic PoetryThe Body Hardware Poem

The Body Hardware Poem


Mom, O Mom
I am thrusting my full erect penis
Into your hot moist and pulsating cunt
Your sighs are growing loud ever
Louder ever due to the extreme pleasure
That you feel in your mind software

I am sucking your swollen lips
And your protruding nipples alternately
Kneading your full breasts
With my eager fingers and palms
And my brain is totally uncontrollable now

Only this evening I celebrated my
Eighteenth Birthday
You and Me alone in this cozy home
Just an hour ago we were strict mom and son

But Now two body hardware pieces only
Controlled/driven/commanded by
Our bodies' own softwares

Though our bodies were always here
Touching, Feeling, Seeing each other
For eighteen long years every moment

But the installed software was
Running in another mode in which
All the programmes were written by others
Who always write programmes
For all our bodies of all people in society
Since time immemorial

They write the software and install them
In brains of our body created by God
In minds of our body born through nature
And make us behave according to their commands
And make us slaves of ungodly unnatural systems
They make us mom and son, dau and dad, man and woman, boy and girl
And all kinds of relatives in the world
They make many bodies untouchables
Unthinkables, unfuckables

They say there programmes makes hardwares
Of bodies good!!!
Better than how God made them.
They are fools!
They do not know!!

That this body hardware comes with inbuilt
And istalled natural software of its own
A software of Love and Lust
A software that drives only penises and cunts
A software that knows only other body
And the divine ecstecy of fucking insanely

This body craves ,struggles and fights
And finally beats to ground
This man made artificial software

This body hardware rebells and wins always
This Body loves other body want each other
They have wanted each other since the beginning
Since the beginning of this creation
Since The creation of body and other bodies

That is why Mom
You were fighting against your software
So I was making war with mine
Our bodies were preparing this final assault
Since I came into your womb
You knew exactly how you wanted to love me
When I will be ready for you
I knew how I wanted to fuck you
When the time will come

Today just an hour ago
We won our wars
We embraced each other for just a simple kiss
And "Boooooooooooooom!!!!"

All the software of the people of world
Short circuited in a split second
All the artificial programmes were corrupted instantly
And the original natural software installed
By God in our bodies
Took over instantly

I kissed and hugged you
You kissed and sighed
We don't know what happened next
How come I am thrusting my swollen erect penis
Into your moist cunt pistoning hard
On the floor of our home
We are shouting like wild animals
We are fucking each other like violent creatures
Fighting to kill each other's body
And devour it completely
Swallow the other's body whole
Into each other's body

There is no other software of
Any other kind working now!!
Only the hardware of body
Melting into other body
Like a burning volcano
Like destructing sunami
Like hellish earthquake
Like destroying hurricane

Our quick rapid fleshy intercourse is
So Beautifully So natural
So Completely Godly
Two creations of God
Loving each other divinely
No other could have found
A better mate to mate
God Bless Us Mom.
God Bless us Forever Amen

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