tagErotic PoetryThe car, TMac and me

The car, TMac and me


The Car, TMac and Me

On the way to the car, we stop to embrace
Planting gentle kisses on each others face
Bodies pressed closely nipples brushing chest
Hands free to roam but they stay on my breast
Tongues searching mouths hot, deep and teasing
Flicking tongues and lips, cause that's very pleasing
I touch your cock, its delightfully hard
Wanting it in my pussy, a thought I can't discard
I rub my pussy onto your cock in slow motion
Hoping for passers by, we don't cause a commotion
We continue to the car still kissing and groping
I sit on the hood, no more wishing and hoping
Into my pussy now dripping and hot and wet
You slide your fingers, without any fret
In and out, fingers parting sweet lips
Got me moving and grinding my hips
I hold your hands and fuck your finger
Passion growing, allowing my soul to linger
You fuck me with your fingers now sweet and sticky
Fingers out of my pussy, now you begin to lick me
Tongue darts in and out of my pussy, so sweet
I know you can feel and taste the heat
Zipper down, finally you free your masterful cock
Beautiful, wet and hard as a rock
My pussy beckons your cock to come on home
Slamming in and out, now hands begin to roam
We grope and embrace while fucking on your car
People driving by still watching us from afar
No care, no worries cock feels so good
Nails dig into ass while you fuck me like you should
TMac is the man, knows how to lay that cock on me
Makes me feel good, satisfied, and of course horny
You fuck me with dexterity I didn't know you possessed
Best cock I ever had! Loudly I have confessed
You fuck me hard, each stroke deliberate
Nothing left for me to contemplate
You know how to please me, and you do it well
The beast inside me, only you can quell
Your cock, your car, TMac and me
Meeting you was truly my destiny
We lose our inhibitions, fucking in clear sight
Slamming this pussy with all your might
Cock pulled out, cum in abundance on my leg
I say baby don't stop, and begin to beg
Back in my pussy, as I begin to cum
In my ear, you begin to hum
You say cum for daddy baby, cum all over my cock
Bucking, squirming, shuddering, I slowly rock
Satisfied bodies lay entangled on your car
Observing the universe, and a shooting star
Looking at each other, smiling with delight
Onlookers still observing as we recover from loves flight

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