the charmer

byCat In Window©

How can you make assumptions of what i do
and what i don't?
Who I am, or who i'm not?
What I've written or what i have not?

You've lead me on
Twists and turns
Taking bits here, pieces there
But never the whole picture
You know me, and yet you don't
You've refused to know me, and it's your loss

Half-truths or flat out lies
from your mind and mouth from day one
Who's to know?
How can I know?
What your truth is?
Yet you expect me to be open, to bare my soul
To you...
Is that ever fair?

Look at what you've done
What could've been so right
So open, and so honest
Now so confusing, and feels so wrong to the core
Or maybe it was that way from the beginning

Yet someday, you'll look back
And blame it on me
What I did wrong
Maybe I do love you too much
My denial, what seems like such strong love,
blinding me to what's as clear as day

How can this be real, when you've never
Really talked to me?
Or really looked me in the eye
and said what you've had to say?
You still have no idea about me...
never experienced who I really am...
Believe what you might,
but you don't know half of who or what I am

I am capable of so much love
Of so much happiness
Of so much fun
Have so much capacity to care,
Am so unbelievably erotic...
yet so much more...
And you will never know
Because you prefer to play this game

You've made me so...
and thoroughly confused
and tired...

Really learn me
Learn what i'm like
There's so much more than what's on a screen
Than what i've shown you,
and what you've based your assumptions on

You say you care, then...
Am I not worth telling the truth to?
Am I not worth one or two measly hours of your time?
And if i'm really not,
Then I beg you,
just leave me alone

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