tagErotic Poetrythe enticer

the enticer


i entice with my pictures
my words and my ways
the slightest exposure to me
will leave you horny for days
i tease and i tempt
and i dangle the carrot
my cute, little ass
i love to bare it
i entice both sexes
i leave no one out
i am the enticer
there is no doubt
i can make you salivate
and beg like a dog
i'll get your penis
as hard as a log
i am the enticer
all i do is tease
i'll make you cum more times
than there are leaves
i will make my booty bounce
but won't let you feel
i know you'd like to eat my ass
'cause it makes a delicious meal
i never finish what i start
i never go all the way
i just entice
then you can finish with self-play
my job is just to tempt
my job is just to tease
i'm excellent at what i do
and i do it with much ease

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