tagErotic PoetryThe Eternal Dialogue, On Valentine's Day

The Eternal Dialogue, On Valentine's Day


         —On Valentine’s Day

The day arrived is Saint Valentine’s
A day for lovers as defined
By a priest Way back in Roman times
What he knew of love brought him fame
As well as beheading, as he was to blame
Why condemned we hardly know
Some say for marrying couples
Other stories are not so subtle
There is a rumor but why denote
Things that really should not be spoke-
  en unless we saw a crime committed
On an alter boy with bloody shitted
Of course back then a priest could marry
Like other men and also women
  if he did not tarry
So let us not castigate
  a man who is the patron saint
Of florists and the giftware stores
Of malls built tall with many floors
Instead let’s live and love this day
Before love leaves and flies away
The dialog that lies below was scribbled
On a slate. They say it was by Valentine
But that may just be fake
Nonetheless there is a lesson in the lines below
Of life and wife and husband, of how they start and go
From glance to romance,
From courtship to contract,
From faithful mates to faithless spates
So read on dear friend
Take note of what you value,
For love and sex do often vex
destroying marital hallo

(The Husband Speaks Aloud)
Come lay besides me, my love
Take hold of my cock
that you dearly love
Pray, never let it go
And no other cock you’ll ever know
And I will pledge to you
A full romantic life
With sex most every night
Unless you are bloody sight
Not that I’m a bit timid
Or afraid of a bloody rash
It’s just that I prefer in sight
  sheets kept clean and very white
I pledge to you a large family
With children by the score
At least five or six, and maybe even more
And when you old and tired
I’ll still treat you with respect

(The Husband Thinks to Himself)
But I’ll be fucking younger girls
Of that you can be sure
For woman are only good in their prime
When they are fit for fucking
And afterwards they all get fat
And specialize in cooking
Or giving advise about things
  they may or may not know
Although some old toothless maids
  are very good at blow-
  jobs or hand jerks or pimping younger girls
They make them up with paint and rouge
And train their hair in curls
Were it not for sentiment and more,
When wives grow old
  we’d simply throw them out the door
I only ask you, dear wife, to use restraint
Fidelity and caution
Should you go shopping for young cock
That’s always in the offing

(The Wife Responds Aloud and to Herself)
I thank you for the tender years
When love and sex did offer cheer
With babes to nurse, a house to run
It was work, but there was fun
I thought with time your eyes would tire
Of searching other women’s attire
You thought to make a fool of me
But dear husband the fool is thee
I agree all men have a prime
It does not last a very long time
At first their cocks swell up red
They cum to keep a cunt well fed
In one night, several times in place
But quickly they do fall from grace
With bellies extended and wrinkled face
They loose their looks, their grace
What once was firm now flaccid and pale
Like a sailing vessel without a sail
What once could rise with every hour
Sleeps in a tomb bedecked with flowers
What once smelled sweet has now gone sour
What once had meat prefers to cower
So do not be aghast, dear mate
If at times you find the gate
Was opened when you were late
And other men and boys  
Found cheer and did enjoy
What you left at home unguarded
Other men serve to finish what you started
While your wife does crown your head
With cuckolds in your bed
Perhaps you should recall the rhyme
That has remained true for all time
“Even when a man’s cock is dead
A women’s cunt must still be fed”

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