tagNon-Erotic PoetryThe Final Days

The Final Days


In the quiet of the night I will leave you.
It will feel like the swiftness of fright.
My voice will no longer caress you.
My face will vanish from sight.

In the quiet of the night I’ll escape you,
I will go into the fading moonlight.
Like dandelions and the lawn mower,
our time has expired tonight.

In the quiet of the night I realized
There just wasn’t any reason to hang on.
My life has been long and prosperous
My death is the sign I’ve moved on.

When it’s all over and done with,
Do not cry for me all alone.
Remember I’ll always be watchin’
from the blues skies of heaven above.

In the quiet of the night I’ll surrender
like the swiftness of a deer I’ll be gone.
Let the memories of us together,
 surround you.

In time the light will meet the dawn.

When God comes a callin’ in the morning,
He will knock only twice upon the door.
In the time it takes you to answer
The world will be no more.

In the quiet of the night I’ll abandon you
God bless your sweet eyes of blue
For when he comes collecting
I’m told he won’t take two…

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