tagErotic PoetryThe First Time!

The First Time!

byUncle Pervey©

The first time I had my sister was,
On a drive we were taking up North.
We were drinking, and messing around,
That's how it got started and so forth!

I left the freeway, and found a spot,
Off a dirt road hidden out of sight.
I removed her sweater, and brassiere,
And her creamy breasts were pure delight!

Her nipples were like silver dollars,
With her pink hard buds sticking way out!
I sucked on one, and then the other,
I sucked them til I made Tootsie shout!

I wanted to taste my sister's mouth,
So I moved up and captured her lips.
I sucked her lips, and sucked her tongue dry,
With a leg on each side of her hips!

I reached down and unfastened her jeans,
She undid mine, and then, pushed them down.
I kept sucking her slippery tongue,
While Tootsie's hand was going to town!

I had to make her stop for awhile,
Cause she was about to make me cum!
I slid off the seat down to the floor,
Then pulled her pants and panties down some!

I pulled them on down below her knees,
This allowed her legs to spread apart.
Her pussy opened like a flower,
And its beauty nearly stopped my heart!

Tootsie's pussy glistened with a shean,
And the wet shine looked so delicious!
Her woman's scent nearly drove me mad,
I knew what I'd found was nutricious!

I leaned forward and licked her sweet clit,
Just to taste the Heavenly delight.
Her sweet clit was all I expected,
And its sweetness made my mind take flight!

I licked all around in her pussy,
Just slurping up all her juicy cream.
She tasted so good I couldn't stop,
And my mind felt like it was a dream!

When Tootsie began humping her hips,
Her pussy got hotter, and wetter!
I drank her juices and sucked for more,
There was nothing sweeter, or better!

Tootsie discharged a whole lot of cream,
And I sucked it down straight from her hole.
She filled me up with her creamy cum,
And fired up the furnace of my soul!

By this time my cock was raging hot,
And jumping and twitching like crazy.
I raised enough to push it inside,
And the heat made my mind go hazey!

I shoved it inside all of the way,
And began humping ever so slow.
The friction and slickness, that I felt,
Ignited the lust in my mind so!

Her pussy grew hotter while I pumped,
And I knew my climax was ready.
At the first spurt I shoved all the way,
And my hot cum squirted out steady!

I fucked my sister til I grew soft,
And my soft cock pulled out of her hole.
I got her turned with her back to me,
Her luscious ass was my other goal!

Tootsie on hands and knees on the seat,
Had her succulent ass pooched out right.
I licked and sucked hickies on both cheeks,
Then entered her crack for my delight!

I found her Rose-Bud waiting for me,
And kissed and licked and tongued it real slow.
I reamed her anus with all my heart,
And made it puffy, with a red glow!

I eased my finger inside real slow,
And felt the heat, as I shoved it deep.
My mind felt the joy of my finger,
It was so nice, I wanted to weep!

I slid another finger inside,
And fucked her hot ass with both fingers.
I worked them in and out for awhile,
But my mind wouldn't let me linger!

Tootsie's hot asshole was ready for,
My jumping and twitching, raging cock.
I lined up my cock, and shoved it in,
And when I did, we started to rock!

My sister's spincter was grasping me,
And her bowels inside were churning.
Her hot tight ass milked as I fucked it,
And my cum shot out, creamy, burning!

My sister's asshole was such a joy,
My cock stayed inside it, and ready.
I fucked her hot asshole two more times,
And I promised we'd do this steady!

We finished our trip, and headed back,
With our awareness awakened bright.
When we got home we went straight to bed,
And we licked and sucked and fucked all night!!

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