tagNon-Erotic PoetryThe Fool No More

The Fool No More


I remember a time, long ago,
When I wouldnt let anyone walk over me;
Nothing would penetrate my strong armor,
But it seems lately, it happens so frequently.

Men come and go, that's inevitable.
But when I am interested in one,
If show him affection,
Or I return his feelings,
I am then viewed as undesirable

Even with my friends,
I am not viewed with respect, it seems,
Because they only call me,
When they have no other plans.

When did I become so pathetic?
Or so accomadating?
I shake my head at myself,
Enough is enough, no more
As I look inside my inner core...

My friends and men I meet,
Make plans with me,
If they are bored and have nothing else to do,
Yet if something betters comes up, I'm history.

No more, will I be people's doormats,
If being a bitch is what gets respect, so be it
Because my kindness seems to incur scorn.
I will not become bitter, but I will be more careful,
Of who I allow near my heart and soul.

Shaking my head again in disgust at myself, once more,
I will even the score.
My weakness shall be gone, in place, shall be my strength
And I will be stepped on no more.

Note: I wrote this poem, exactly how I felt at the time. It helps release any emotions I have had at the time. Lately, people have been walking over me; whether they be friends of men coming into my life. When has it become so bad to be myself, and be loving? But sometimes I feel it's bad, when some people feel you're too accomadating, in other words, they think you'll always be there when they call. They break plans when they have something better to do, and only keep them when they have nothing else to do. Well, I'm a valued woman, and I deserve respect. I think my kindness and soft heart, get taken advantage of and I'm taken for granted. I dont deserve to be treated like an outcast or someone only worth inviting at the last minute. So to hell with everyone else, I'll only depend on myself....which is alll I have in the end.

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