tagErotic PoetryThe Hunger

The Hunger


Sitting in a darkened club,
Running my tapered fingers through my hair,
Feeling the silky coolness against my skin
My soft lips part in a sigh, breathing in the warm air.

I raise my arms above my head,
Stretching and arching
Suddenly my soft skin begins to tingle,
My nipples tightening almost aching.

Feeling a pair of eyes upon me....
I turn my head slowly, looking all around,
Finding nothing, I turn back.
Yet, still feeling the tingling and tightening.

My fingers slowly curl around the stem of the glass,
Bringing it to my soft lips, I delicately take a sip.
Feeling a drop of liquid at the corner of my lip,
I slowly bring out my tongue to lick it off to taste.

I suddenly turn my head, looking across the room
My eyes making contact with a pair of dark ones.
My lips part slowly, feeling heat curl inside me
This stranger's look surrounding me intensely.

I close my eyes to catch my breath, trying to break the spell
Suddenly feeling my blouse opening slowly....
My breasts cupped in a pair of strong hands,
I lean my head back, as his tongue licks along my skin.

My lips part in a moan, as his long tongue curls around my nipple
Suckling gently, then tugging roughly
Devouring and taking hungrily
His hands cupping my breasts as he tastes me.

My head still back, my eyes closed and my body arched
His tongue runs down from my full breasts down to my tummy
Tasting and licking, he partakes of my sweetness
As his big strong dark hands grip my golden skin.

Feeling my white lace panties being ripped,
I gasp in surprise at the cool air on my sweetness
Parting my soft thighs, his rough tongue trails over me
His strong thumbs open my petals, then slowly impaling.

I cry out as his long tongue impales me completely
My soft flesh tightening around his hot tongue.
His big hands gripping my legs apart as he devours me
Only his growls of desire can be heard loudly.

Just as I whimper in climax, I feed him my nectar
His strong mouth taking it all, like a greedy thirst
Big dark hands gripping my white thighs
As his hunger takes over and I faint in a sigh.

As I come to, I am sitting at the table
Looking down to see myself fully dressed, but disoriented
I look around to break the spell I was under
But all I see, are the eyes filled with hunger....

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