tagErotic PoetryThe Kitchen Table

The Kitchen Table


The Kitchen Table

Finally home after a long ride on the train
My passions for you, will not contain
You walk through the door, I greet you with a kiss
That tells you, your ass, I did miss

I fondle your cock to erection at the door
Still kissing passionately, wanting you more
Falling to my knees my lips now on your cock
You begin to gyrate, and pump and rock

I lick your balls, and and stroke your cock
In my heart and soul, all I want is to fuck
Pants off, bare ass gets slapped and a pinch
While I suck your cock, every corner, every inch

Pausing for a moment into the kitchen we stumble
Onto the table, your ass you tumble
Shirt off, spread eagle, what a delight
Cinna now sucking cock with all her might

I fondle and kiss your legs, cock, and balls
And watch you relax, your legs you sprawl
You open again for cinna, tongue now in your ass
I lick and suck and finger, alas

Your cock is throbbing and hard as a rock
I tell you it's beautiful, and lift up my frock
I mount the table, and straddle your masterful pole
Slowly going down with my pussy, just filling my hole

Butterflies take over my stomach, eyes closed in a trance
Lost my mind and almost my balance
Saved by your strong masculine, sexy hands
Which I now secure with soft, tight bands

You look surprised, didn't expect that move
But none the less, you keep fucking, got the groove
I fuck hard at your member, no mercy
I love the feel of your cock deep in my pussy

Biting and licking your neck, face and ears
Erasing worries, tiredness and fears
I suck your nipples, and bite and chew
Hands tied up, you don't know what to do

You enjoy your fuck, and go with the flow
Faster, and faster, I could feel your member grow
Never felt your cock so big and so hard
Don't want you to cum, thoughts I can't discard

Off the cock, as I straddle your face
Pussy wet, and dripping your, head, my legs encase
You tongue fuck my pussy, and suck it with might
Eyes closed, in passion, lost in loves flight

I indulge in the goodness of your tongue deep in my cunt
I fuck your face furiously like going on the hunt
I feel myself getting close to losing control
You know what's happening, tongue deep in my hole

I cum on your face, with intense moans and screams
Into my pussy, that tongue did ream
You asked me to untie you so you could fuck me from behind
Had no choice but to oblige and be kind

Hands free from bands, over the table I am thrown
Rough and intense, like this pussy, you own
You fucked my pussy and slapped my ass red
Then stopped suddenly and demanded some head

Cock in my mouth balls slapping on my chin
Back and forth, all the way,out then back in
You fucked my mouth like you were in my pussy
Head back, eyes closed, never seen you so horny

Back on the kitchen table, cock finds my hole
I hold on to the table, as I take this pole
You fuck my pussy, with all your might
Bent over the table, Taking cock, what a sight

Nipples squeezed and pulled as you fuck and rock
Hands move to shoulders now, pussy completely filled with cock
Body stiffen, no movement, hot seed spilled into my hole
Hot, wet and juicy, pussy and masterful pole

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