tagErotic PoetryMom Son/ Fucking Bodies

Mom Son/ Fucking Bodies


When I was born, O Mom,
I was naturally not what I am now
Neither what you made me to be like
Nor what you made me to become today
You trying dutifully all these 18 years Mom

It was merely a pure holy human body born then
A free unnamed untamed natural divine being
Made of animal flesh full of instinct, lust and love only
Born out of another body of flesh naturally
Out of your body of the same natural animal flesh

You gave my tiny body a name
You told me this body is I
Said my body is a son
Your body's son,
Also you said your body is my mom.
My body’s mom

Whatever all that blah blah blah meant at all
My body did not know neither then
Nor does it know still today
Nor will it know ever tomorrow
Never Mom

Coz bodies knows only love and lust
This animal flesh of mine loves your body
Like an animal lusting for another animal flesh

All these eons I grew up loving your fleshy body
Craving aching burning after your breasts cunt and ass
Wishing to penetrate your crevices
Willing to fuck all your holes

Now I have grown up full
Now I want a fuck like a hot animal
Fuck you madly HERE and NOW!!!

I want to fuck your hot flesh with hot flesh
And to pierce your body with body
And to devour you completely
And to be devoured completely Mom

After unknowingly watching feeling touching
Your body with all my animal senses every moment
For all these eighteen long long years now

I know your body too has been burning in the same hellfire
Suffering same cravings towards my body
For each and every moment since long
Day and night

And knowing your body fighting to fuck me too
I want to fuck you from all of my body's might
From evening to evening whole night and day
In your soft cozy bed forever O Mom

But you say No! No! No! You are my son!
No! No! No! I am your Mom!
No! No! No! We are mom and son!!!
We are not allowed to love each other this way
Nor permitted to crave lust penetrate fuck each other
Naturally humanly divinely like all other animals
Never allowed to love and live bodily happy and contented
Like Gods natural animals
No we are not to fuck never
May I ask you who is a son and who is a mom?
Where do they exist? Where do they live?
In our flesh? In our bodies?? Or in our minds??

You say my body is The Son,
So tell me where The Son is in this body?
Its only an erect penis here

And where is The Mother?
Where is she in your body?
Its only a hot pussy there

The naked fucking truth is this,
That a fully erected pulsating penis
Is eternally thrusting my whole body towards you
And a moist pink swollen vagina ,
Is incessantly compelling your whole body towards me

My penis and your vagina Mom
Seek thirst crave struggle every moment for each other
Whenever they are home alone
Whenever they are nearby anywhere
Whenever they are within sight ever always

They do not know any other explanation,
Philosophy, restriction or scruples
They are not tutored any restrictions
Any rules codes laws of our virtual world

They are ruled by God
God of Nature Mom
From the beginning of The Creation
God made them for each other
The Penis and The Vagina
God blessed them to love to lust to fuck
And be Blessed happy and thankful to The Creator
Intermittently till the end of the world

Why you do not let my penis and your vagina be free
To meet, love, penetrate and fuck each other hard
Till they have had uncountable wild wild orgasms
Till they love live and die satisfied thoroughly
Having lived loved and fucked as God made them to love to do

They are loving /living/ fucking bodies
They are commanded to love and lust and fuck Mom

Mom, you lusted loved fucked a body
Whom you called your husband your man
For years and years and years in vain
Until it fled away with another younger fucking body
Leaving You with me years ago abruptly

Who was he if not a total stranger?
Never never your part your flesh?
But only strange flesh and body
Just A Body- just another animal

Not like I am
A part of your own flesh blood and bones
A body of your own wish and will
The flesh of your own creation Mom

I am simply puzzled with your arguments,

You did give your protesting pussy
To another body's raging lust every night,
Which was indeed a total stranger an alien!!!
For years

But you do not let me love you even once
Whose body is your blood flesh and spirit
Whose body has come from within your own body
Which is totally your idea your creation
Yours own twin body forever!!!

Mom you truly know your body wants to fuck
It wants to be penetrated cruelly
Wants a hot penis rammed in it again and again painfully
To be fucked brutally hard HERE HERE HERE!!
To be captured tamed and conquered NOW NOW NOW!!!

I know every time You see me near
your cunt turns hot
I am aware whenever you are nearer to me
Your tits fill with hot blood
Your nipples erect hard
Your shaved vagina becomes moist
Your pink pussy lips heats up red
Your clit pushes forward eagerly
But you just exhale a long sigh
You don’t let yourself cease to be a mom
And go to your room and finger self sobbing hysterically

NOW in the morning at breakfast table
Mom I feel sense and know truly
You are all fuming red hot beneath there
Burning in your pantyless crotch
Writhing in your cunt
Aching in your whole body
To be fucked and to fuck me HERE and NOW!!

Mom I know why you moan sigh cry sob every night
Listening in to my loud sighs and gasps
To the slusshing sounds of my fast moving hands
On my strong fat hot giant manhood
Reaching to hot hot orgasms crying out your name

Mom just then you cry moan shout loudly at my door
I know you have been fingering yourself to an orgasm
Timed to reach there at the same moment
When I ejaculate in great multitude noisily
Like a wild red hot horse's organ
Ejaculating in the burning hot mere's hole

I know your body coerced you to my door
You want to come in and deepthroat my dick
Freezed choosing to be a Conceptual Mom or a natural hot animal
You raise your knuckles to knock at least
You almost knock at it despite inner protests,
As soon as you begin to have your painfully lingered orgasm
One of your many storming orgasms to come rapidly Mom

But you do not knock
Just wait at the slightly open door of my room

You want my cock in your mouth ass and cunt badly now,
I know you are naked and nude beautifully
Your swollen full round breasts are trembling and aching
Your long protruding nipples are standing fully erect
Your body is steel hot aroused insanely
An animal flesh body dying to fuck now
Have another animal flesh body Like a wild animal
Seeking violent savage dangerous erotic sex
buying the wild ecstacy at any cost
Please knock Mom

Mom do not go back again TODAY
I know you are standing there at my door
Fully aroused hot and ready to be taken
Like I am here prepared for you Mom

Please just knock once Now!!
Just a little soundless tap on my door
Just a silent tender touch of your fingertips
Just a sad long sigh mom
Knock anyway once for all
O Mom Please do something anything at all
To tell me you want to be invited
Give me a chance Mom
The Chance Please

Look! We are just bodies.
Living and Loving and fucking Bodies.
Only two trained animals, period.
Brains can be trained and tamed
Not the body Never!

We are all animals, Mom!
Our bodies of animal flesh only
Created like animals love and lust and fuck

But we are not savage wild animals, Mom.
We are godly divine loving Animals.
Purely natural simple Animals
Loving each other naturally
Lusting fucking orgasming naturally

There is no sons no moms anywhere mom
But only natural born bodies everywhere
Fulfilling natural duties naturally forever
Performing natural services naturally forever
Loving lusting fucking naturally forever
We are natural born lovers, Mom
We die in love die for love die to love Mom

Mom, Let your body love me like the animal now
And I will love you like the animal that I am
Love is the only bond meaningful now.
Love is Life.
Life of all animals.
Life of all Lovers.
Love is God Mom

Come Knock now just once Mom.
Be the animal that we are
I am ready here for you full erect and hot

All I need is just your knock on my door NOW!

Don't be shy.
Be The Holy Animal we all are.
Be a true animal NOW
Please Knock, Mom.
Knock .

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