tagNon-Erotic PoetryThe Lonely King

The Lonely King

byX Writer©

The red candle flickered upon the windowsill
And besides that lone breeze, all else was still
The darkness gathered in the corners of the room
With deafening silence reminiscient of a tomb

Upon the large throne, and looking quite small
Sat the Old King alone in his hall
Soft lips moved silently, in desparate prayer
His eyes searched the Heavens for any answers there
Pleading with the Lord, who sits up Above
Atoning for the mere Sin of simple mortal Love

"I have done all You asked," he shouted out
On empty castle walls the pleas echoed about
"I've given my all, did everything right
And still I fall short within Your sight
What more can I do, what more can I say
To return my Queen to me upon this day?"

The Old King buried his head in his hands
The hourglass beside him softly dropping sands
If only his tears would come and be released
If only he'd let go of her and regain his peace
Moonlight dwindled as heavy clouds gave chase
Rising now, resolve played across the King's face

"I shall not go quietly into the Night
I shall not retreat without a fight
My Queen was the answer to my Kingdom's Dream
A gift from You, it had plainly seemed
But as You give, so now You take
Jarred from peaceful bliss, I doth awake
Stark reality mine eyes have now seen
No longer a part of what once had been
I cannot comprehend this cosmic joke
Everything around me is like intangible smoke
Shattered dreams are made so thus
When we became two...
Not one...
Not us...
Why may I not fulfill this impossible Quest
Why must I be the subject to this jest
In all things to You, Glory will be
I beseech Thee, Father, please answer me!"

The Lord replied, "Submit my son
Realise that what is done, is done
You cannot change that which is Past
Graven deep in stone, history is cast
Your Queen pledged not a Sacred Vow
And refused the Gift you offered, somehow
Tho' thou hast gave her all thine Heart
The choice was hers, she chose to depart
This hurtful wound you felt her rend
Is nothing that Time cannot mend
So, silly Child, why art thou sad
Elevate thine spirit and be thou glad
Now listen closely, for what I say is True
A greater Kingdom now lies before you
Bear thine Cross, I shall walk with thee
Unalone, in My Will, your destiny
Never feel that thou art without Love
For my Love descends from the Throne up above
Filling your Soul with Joy from on high
What is mere mortal Love when compared to I?"

The Old King bowed low, having heard
And gave joyful thanks to the Word
His Soul, now unfettered and free
Understood the message of
"Let it Be"

The Dream is now Done
But you have still Won

written 10-12SEPT96, the 5th "sequel" of Without Love

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