tagErotic PoetryThe Maiden and The Faery Queen

The Maiden and The Faery Queen

byMaggie Red Rose©

The Maiden and The Faery Queen

The Maiden of the Vale did rest
within her bower that was blest
surrounded by the broad oak trees
with arms outstretched with all their leaves
now rustling in the gentle wind
that cooled the bower well within.

The maiden wore a dress of green
with trim of gold that was so sheen.
About her head she wore a wreath
of dainty flowers held beneath
by golden ribbon like her trim
that was so soft and very thin.
The maiden's skin was fair to see
with rosy cheeks to a degree
of summer bloom upon the rose
and a few freckles on her nose.
Her eyebrows had a soft red hue
with golden streaks, but just a few,
but her eyelashes were quite dark
and curled into a natural arch.
Her neck was long and shapely, too,
that held her head to rest in true
regality as a queen's would do.

The maiden's eyes were closed in sleep
and her sweet breath was slow and deep,
and as she breathed her breasts did rise
caressed by her two arms beside
her shapely frame from breasts to hips
that curved so round and were equipped
to match her thighs from crease to tip
of dainty toes upon her feet
that were not crossed as she did sleep,
but rather her legs spread a bit
because her gown did loosely fit
her perfect body on the bed
from foot to thigh to breast to head.

Beside the Maiden of the Vale
lay a small flute of wood quite pale
that she oft' played while in the woods
so soft and sweet as maidens could.

Now on this day while still asleep
there came a troop of faeries neat
in order of their way around
the wooded grove where she was found
asleep in her sweet, flowered bower
where she had been for quite some hours.
The faeries looked upon her so
and smiled as one to those who know
what beauty they had found in her
that caused their womanhood to stir
with anxiousness and lustful ways
as on the maiden they did gaze.

The Queen of Faeries raised her hand
and in their midst she took here stand
and raised it up to still the murmur
as she felt wet and oh so warmer.

"We all agree that what we see
is a fine maiden that could be
our plaything for us through this night,
giving us joy and pure delight."

And all the faeries did agree
that this is how it ought to be,
that they should make love with delight
with this young maiden through the night.
So with such joy they flit about
with their soft wings and gave a shout
that sounded like a breath of air
wafting a melody so fair.

The female faeries milled around
the maiden sleeping on the ground
with some in flight up to her breasts
with the intent to down her dress
while others took the hem in hand
to pull it down at their command.
Two faeries untied the small knot
that held her sash until they got
it loose enough to pull it off,
the dress, so that some others could
unbutton it with hands that would
open the bodice of the dress
and thereby expose her pert breasts.
Once this was done some others went
to slide her sleeves to where they bent
at the soft inner elbows found
lying beside her on the ground.

They gently drew her sleeves right off
until they formed as wave-like troughs
beside her waist right near her hips
that now the garment could be slipped
down off her body covered up
on which they knew quite soon they'd sup
on her sweet body, breasts, and thighs
right to her womanhood besides.
The faeries that were by her then
all gathered round and took the hem
and pulled on it to slide it down
until the dress was on the ground.
When this was done they did the same
with her white garment on her frame
which left her naked in her bower
with all these faeries who in hours
would have their pleasure with her flesh
that looked so clean and whitely fresh.

Now did the Queen and her faery troop
all gather round within a loop
to look down at the maiden fair
who had soft, reddish pubic hair.
The Queen and all as one agreed
her woman's "V" was fair to see,
and each as one did feel the heat
between their legs from smelling sweet
aromas wafting from her "V"
into which each one had to be
to "tip the velvet" one by one
and taste the maiden's creamy cum.
How fortunate they all agreed
it was by chance they all should see
this beauty that was heavenly.
And still asleep she rested there
not knowing of their leering glares
and their intentions for a treat...
that it was her pussy they would eat.

The Queen then slowly raised her hand
to give the faeries her commands.
"Now Pog and Posey you need go
up to her "V" and do this slow...
move her lips out so to reveal
her nub of passion for a feel
that I might make it so erect
that we can suck and lick on it
and, thereby, touch her for each one
to fill her mouth with human cum."

So Pog and Posey did as they should
and flew up where the maiden could
be made to have her pussy spread
by their swift hands so light and fair
with which they touched her pubes with care.
They took the lips into their hands
according to the Queen's command
and pulled aside the crimson flesh
that glistened and looked oh so fresh.
'Twas thus they opened wide her quim
so they could see what was within
the maiden's tunnel wet and mild
that looked delicious for these wild,
enamored faery lesbians
who love to eat a woman's quim.
And up above where her skin met
there was her nub all bright and wet
caused by excitement felt within
the maiden's sultry, musky quim,
but up 'till then she hadn't stirred
or awakened up or said a word
because the faery troop had made
a potion that they brought that day
which they poured into her young year
to make her sleep without a fear.

But when the Queen saw the hard pearl
of love possessed by every girl,
she hungered so for her first taste
of this sweet maiden, young and chaste.
So up between her legs she flew
and landed on her quim where dew
of pussy juice now forming round
her love canal within her mound
collected and was running down
the crease where sexual love is found.
The Queen of Faeries stopped for wind
and leaned her face into the quim
of this dear maiden's creamy hole
that was so tasty to behold
and licked it with her faery tongue
that fluttered oh so fast it hummed.

At the first taste she almost swooned
with the pure nectar from the womb,
and with this first taste she did shove
her head inside that which she loved,
the taste of female pussy cream
that made the Queen almost to scream
her ecstasy of fragrance clean
just that is so fit for a Queen.
The Queen pulled her head out with cream
all over her majestic sheen
that glistened now beneath the moon
that shown on high this month of June.
She licked her wanton lips quite clean
of pussy cream fit for a Queen
as all the others looked in wonder
and in their minds they had to ponder
just when they could take turns inside
whose ardent wish they could not hide.

And as they wished the Queen flew up
between the nether lips puffed out
by stimulating her hormones
that then released her pheromones
which emanated from within
of this pure maiden's vaginal skin.
When the proud Queen had reached the nub
of the maiden's clit that she did rub
with her soft hands and then her tongue
with which she flicked around this young
and tender morsel of a clit
that now was hard and oh so fit.

'Twas then she felt the maiden stir
without her saying not one word
for she had cast a spell on her
that she would sleep quite undisturbed
until she felt her clit vibrate
with sensual tension that felt great
within her mound of pure delight
that very evening and very night.
With heavy lids the maiden awakened
and shook her head as if mistaken
that she should lie there in her bower
amidst the green hills and the flowers
without her clothes that did adorn
her lovely body as if reborn.
She looked around but could not see
what e'er it was that touched her knees
and spread her legs right at her "V"
that let her see her wet pussy.

But while in trouble and with care
the Queen spoke up with gentle flair,
"My Lady, do not fear this night
for we shall give you great delight
for we are faeries of a troop
of lesbians that will salute
the beauty that with you abides
from head to breasts to hips to thighs
and right down to your dainty feet
but most of all your lovely "V"
of reddish hair and puffy mound,
the very best that we have found,
and, too, we love your firm, pert breasts
with areolas with crimson crests
and hardened nipples so erect
that we do love to touch and test
between our fingers and our thumbs
to stimulate and make you cum."

And thus did Faery Queen explain
their purpose for their little game
of making love while yet she slumbered
because they had her so outnumbered.

"And you must know 'twas you who called...
to me The Queen and to us all...
when you did play upon your flute
a wanton song of ill repute
of bawdiness and carnal times
with words of lust that surely rhyme."

The Maiden of the Vale replied,
"I did not know for I am shy.
'Twas just a tune I played in time
with how I felt inside inclined.
But, oh, now how I do employ
you not to stop what I enjoy,
my pussy being eatin' so
while up and down my cleft you go
with your sweet tongue inside my hole
and on my clit so hard. Behold!
So do go on I beg you, please,
to make me cum 'till weak my knees."

"Then, well, my Love, it shall be so
as you do wish your passions grow,
and we, my sisters, of the troop
shall love your body as a group."

So with a smile she gave commands
to all the faeries close at hand.
Some flew up to her ears and sucked
upon her lobes with gentle touch
while others kissed her ruby lips
and sucked her tongue in brazen fits.
Then there were others who reclined
upon her breasts where they did dine
around her nipples firm and hard
that they did suck with great regard
to suckle on each breast as though
they were her young as she would know.
Still others kissed her abdomen
and fluttered kisses round and in
her bellybutton soft and deep
where they left fluid moist and sweet.
Some kissed inside her splayed out thighs,
and while they kissed, they heard her sigh
and give a moan from deep within
that made them start over again.
The lucky ones played in her bush
by sucking hair from pussy to tush
while frolicking without a care
in her soft, reddish, pubic hair.

But oh the luckiest of all
was still the Queen who had it all:
The clit, the lips, the hole therein,
all that there is that make a quim.
And with her magic she could go
inside her pussy good and slow,
collecting cum being poured down
by the fair maiden without a sound
so far since she had not cum yet,
but 'twould be soon, the Queen did bet.
She licked and wiggled up inside
and felt her cervix round and wide
which in the middle she did push
and got one hand in her uterus.
And at the same time she did use
her faery wings that came in twos
to flutter so right on the Spot
that really made the maiden hot.
It was just then the Queen did feel
the maiden's thighs shake like a reel
an Irish band would play in time
or Bards would write in ancient rhyme.
'Twas then she knew the maid would cum
and that her work inside was done,
so out she backed of her love hole
to be prepared for lover's gold.
She placed her little hands along
the openings of her sweet charms,
ready to drink the maiden's juice
as it did flow like from a sluice.

"Oh, Queen, I cum! I cum!" she cried
and felt her womb fling open wide.
Then trembling did she shoot her load
into the waiting mouth below
of Faery Queen who took it all,
the cum, the juice, the amber fall
that made for her a love cocktail
that she did drink with sheer delight
and held on to the maid's lips tight.

"Ahhhh, Queen," she sighed when it was done--
when she had shot out all her cum--
"that was so grand. I'm lost for words,
but I feel faint from this reward
of your sweet kisses on my quim,
especially those you gave within
my cunt canal so deep and sure
that almost was much to endure.

The Faery Queen just fave a smile
and brought her faeries by her side.
She then did let them lick their fill
of what was left that she did spill
from her sweet mouth which she had used
to drink her fill of the maid's juice.
And as they licked all here and there,
the Queen flew up bedside the hair
of the dear maiden in her bed,
and smiling down at her in bliss
she bent her head and gave a kiss
upon the lips of this sweet maid
who gave so much that very day
when they had come unto her bower
at twilight time when in that hour
the sun went down in light so pale
in which had slept the Maiden of the Vale.

Maggie Red Rose

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