tagNon-Erotic PoetryThe Many Faces of Meigh

The Many Faces of Meigh


I once knew a stranger,
who had no name.
Far stranger was the stranger.
To make things stranger,
he said he wanted no name.
I did not name the stranger.

I once knew a lady named Lady.
She was classy as was her name a lady.
Elegent, tasteful, hopeful, yet sorrowful,
Lady was a lady in loss.
She gambled her heart,
it was her soul she lost.
This lady, sweet Lady,
was a lady who would no longer be a lady.
To make things stranger,
her name was not really Lady.
What was her name?

Benny Fritz, Benny Fritz,
the world it hates ole Benny Fritz.
Bloody is his uper lip,
for knocked and conked by fists and fists.
No one liked him,
no they didn't.
The world they hate ole Benny Fritz.
I am Benny Fritz.

Whores! Whores!
The name is said with great abhor.
No one likes a loathed whore.
So will the whore know such horror.
Am I this whore,
this dirty whore?
To make things stranger,
the name really Whore.

Lollypop, giddy pop,
Kiddy pop, biddy pop,
diddy pop, milly pop.
All want some soda pop.

Crying teachers,
lecherous leechers.
Leave me alone,
this story I unfold,
all must behold.

I once knew a kid named Kid,
all we wanted to do was hit this kid.
He played and he danced,
he sang and he danced.
Kid was a kid indeed.

Woman, man, man, woman.
Get on the bed,
get off the bed,
get on the bed,
get off the bed.
Make your bed,
shake your bed,
make your bed,
shake your bed,
try singing a song.

I once knew a person named Person.
This person was nothing but a person.
Preaching and beseeching,
was this person.
Bleeding and healing, and healing and bleeding.
Person was a person.
To make things stranger (Lolly pop)
To make things stranger (giddy pop)
This person was (kiddy pop)
this person was (biddy pop)
To make things stranger (diddy pop)
this person was (milly pop)
aw fuck it (soda pop)
These people all had names.

They all had names and this was their name.
Their name was Meigh.
Much like me, but not like me,
but only me, just not so me,
it was Meigh.
What kind of faces do you see on me.
Say hello to me,
say hi to Meigh.
Meigh is me.
Just not me.
Diddy pop.

Title: "The Many Faces of Meigh"
Thursday September 11th 2003

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