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The Minstrel


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Through misty lands of history,
Rivers and castles of fantasy,
The minstrel travels, a lute at his side
Singing for bread, sometimes for a ride.

A village ahead, new prey for his skills,
Some coins to be made to pay his bills
He chuckles and sees the mothers rustle,
As their daughters inside they hustle.

A merry tune, a smile on his lips,
A winking eye, his swaying hips –
Oh, ye Ladies fair and sweet
None of ye care for the minstrel’s need?

A piece of cheese, a glass of wine,
I sing about thee, maiden mine.
My words are sweet as is thy smile
Come sit with me for a little while.

And as the fire falls to ambers
Other maidens he remembers
Hours spent in their soft arms
Lost in their undeniable charms

The wine abundant, the voices loud,
Another cheery song for the crowd
The pretty serving wench does pass
Someone has paid a refill of his glass.

Hail to the maidens, sweet and fair!
Hail to the song and to those who dare!
Hail to live and the pleasures it holds!
Hail to the tales and the skirts in folds!

The guests are gone, the candle’s low,
The minstrel’s eyes like the ambers glow
Come with me and show me the way
Fair maiden, to the barn, into the hay…

The maiden blushes. “‘tis not right,
To follow thee out into the night…”
“But sweetheart mine, I’d never harm
a Lady fair of thy sweet charm!”

His voice is skilled, by many a night
Of persuading, enticing, of gaining delight
And before she knows she can not resist
She lies in his arms to be thoroughly kissed

The summer moon is high in the sky,
The river gently streaming by
The words he has so often used
Again tonight are not refused.

Come, fair maiden, don’t be shy,
The night is dark and the hay is dry
Come, fair maiden, don’t just tease
I bet ye know very well how to please

Come fair maiden, the hay smells sweet
Let me spread my cloak as a sheet
Come fair maiden, don’t you fight
I promise ye pleasures and delight

Let me undo this bodice of thine
Oh, my love – let me make thee mine!
Thy milky breasts to sweet to waste
Allow me, my dear, a little taste.

Don’t ye blush, it is alright,
What do we care for the world outside?
Ye are as pretty as any Queen
That on my journeys I have seen.

Please, fair maiden, share thy treasure
Lift thy skirts just for my pleasure.
Please, fair maiden, let me see
Those nether lips and bush of thee.

Please, fair maiden, spread thy thighs
A treaty for the minstrel’s eyes
Spread thy legs, yes, spread them wide
Oh, fair maiden, that is right!

Oh fair maiden, let me show
This instrument that I feel grow.
It is a flute of a special do,
to be played by the nether lips of you

Please, fair maiden, let me enter
With my flute thy virgin center…
Oh fair maiden, I can’t stop now!
I can not help it – my seed must flow!

‘tis time go, sweet maiden mine,
The stars are fading, the sun will shine
Sweet maiden mine, ’tis time to leave
forgive the minstrel and do not grieve.

An ancient tune, a merry song,
The maiden forgotten before too long.
The minstrel travels, a lute at his side
Singing for bread, sometimes for a ride.

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