tagErotic Poetrythe more the wetter

the more the wetter


i'm down with being a swinger
that shit's all right with me
only room for pleasure
there would be no jealousy
going out with my man
and picking up chicks
her sucking his balls
me licking his dick
then comes my turn
to have a dick in each hole
letting go of all inhibitions
baring my sexy soul
riding your dick
as she tongues your balls
me deepthrooating his dick
through the opening in his draws
she sits on your face
as my pussy swallows your dick
he shoots down my throat
i swallow all of it
she and i kiss
and suck each others tits
he moves behind my ass
and puts his dick in it
she stannds up
and puts her pussy to my lips
i finger her asshole
and from her pussy take sips
your big dick replaces my finger
after you cum in my cunt
you ram your dick up her ass
and she lets out a grunt
with my tongue
i give her clit a tickle
her sweet pussy juice
down my chin does trickle
he shoots in my ass
that's the third load i've got
i love the feeling of cum
all sticky and hot
the cum you put in my pussy
you tell her to taste
she even licks some off the floor
so none goes to waste
you bust in her ass
my mouth catches the overflow
you and he stroke your dicks
watching our girl on girl show

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