tagErotic PoetryThe Night She Gave In

The Night She Gave In


She stands before him, pure, untouched
Her body a flame, her fingers clutched
She trembles from desire, her thoughts take flight
Yet her feet refuse to move her, she’s staying here tonight.

His fingers caress her face, his hands run down her arms.
She stares at him and whispers, “I’m falling for your charms.”
A chuckle fills the air as his thumb traces her lips.
She melts into his touch and her hands move to his hips.

The pink tip of his tongue snakes out to taste her mouth.
And then she’s deeply captured by a palm that’s heading south.
He keeps his eyes locked steady, his hands make a path of sin.
And when she gasps out loud he knows he’s going to win.

Her emotions start to swirl, like ocean waves that roar.
He’s moving fingers deeper and starting to explore.
No longer can she see as her eyelids flutter down.
He’s found a special place and she’ll no longer frown.

She starts to bend her knees and he guides her to the floor.
He moves his hand so slowly and hears her ask for more.
The answer is a whisper, a soft caress of air.
He pulls his fingers free and looks upon her there.

She lies beneath him now and he's ready to lay claim.
He longs to fill her body and with him she will remain.
Gliding in he takes her, marks her with his seed.
She lifts her hips in longing, just wanting to proceed.

He feels her nails scrape skin and sweat that slithers down.
She can't contain her moaning; he welcomes every sound.
“Come with me my darling,” his soft voice fills her soul.
“I need to hear you whisper. My love you make me whole.”

His words reach her ears and she cries out her release.
She feels the break of passion but yet she feels no peace.
He looks into her face and he sees the hungry stare.
A need has been discovered and it's one that will ensnare.

So lips and hands move over, and bodies start to dance.
Both man and woman share in a steamy, hot, romance.
When both cry out together, each has reached the peak.
They clasp each other tightly, no longer can they speak.

In time he pulls away, she cradles up to him.
She curls into emotions that fill her to the brim.
New sensations coat her, and make her feel just right.
For she belongs here with him and love’s within her sight.

He takes her hand and holds it, caresses it with glee
In his eyes he sees her, she will not try to flee.
She’s there to serve her Master, her lover, and her friend.
Together they’ll take journeys, that some won’t comprehend.

Each will have a job, a path that they will take.
He will be her Leader, she’ll be his to break.
The will of her commitment will be sealed with every kiss.
In the end he’ll own her and she’ll be filled with bliss.

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