tagErotic Poetrythe power of words

the power of words


The power of words are amazing
a watcher has my heart and soul

An intense connection
A sigh converged on a screen
 Holding my life together
 Forbidden love
 A spark of something soft
  Words are powerful
 Words are suggestive
 They have the power to make you cry
 The power to make you climax
 The words you speck to me are aimed at my heart
 The words you write are aimed at my soul
 My body can not contain them
 They flow through me like silk
 Smooth and sensual
 Soft and silky
 They trigger a melt down
 My womb convulses
 My breasts swell
 I melt bones turning to jelly
 I fall apart......
    Your words pull the fragmented portions of my soul together
 Making me whole... Making my strong.. Ready to face the real world again

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