tagNon-Erotic PoetryThe Price Of Fire

The Price Of Fire


I don't know why I am even bothering with this authors note more than what really needs to be said. I guess its more for myself to read for myself than anything...

Authors note: This is the last poem I'm ever writting... I'll probably post old poems that are not yet on here, and I've agreed to post some of my friend's poems with their names and dates if they ever wanted to... but thats it. I'm done, I'm retiring early.
 My writting was once an outlet for my inner selfdemons. A ways to keep myself from real damage from the pain, but god knows it doesn't work anymore. So this is the last new poem that will ever be written by J.B. JasperMan ect. ect. ect.
 Also: To the comments on my last poem "The Devil..." 'To be continued...' 'must it?'... no you're spared.

"The Price of Fire"

The willow tree was a nightly sail
through the misty forlorn nights.
Mine eyes did not take in enchantment,
no, they just took in the sight.
As the willow trees were my guiding line
and the stars above were a light,
the deep dark earth above and beyond
straight ahead was right.
To follow the leader,
to follow the leader.
To follow and walk and run and fly,
to the leader, my captain,
to the guider, my God.
I've a sad price needs payment this night.

No words be said,
no more thread can be spared.
Fate has cut the rope.
Chosen dark was my rose laidened path.
Laid with blood and gold.
Lust and fire was the famed won prize,
sought by all with envy,
sought by all with greed.
Yet I won it,
the most coveted prize of all.
Incredible was the price to be sure,
yet such a price for said prize I dared to buy.
Tis a sad price needs payment now,
the price of fire and blood.

I wanted, I wanted, I wanted.
I needed the ghastly prize.
With green fury, pixie laid trails of light,
and red rose lips to find,
I so wanted this horrid prize.
Paid the price, I paid.
Not so divine,
not so in delight,
no words of comfort for this night,
as I the sinner and the deeder,
for my deed must take flight.
Sad is my strife for greeds delight.

The price of fire weighs over gold
diamonds and Texas tea.
It shatters the shoulders in whence its laid.
If fortune favors the bold,
then fire favors the cold.
I was cold, I needed fire,
yet would not the blanket given
would I wrap around me.
I've said the sad deeds 'nough now,
lets to the chambers of great dares.
My head upon the price tonight.

I've a sad price needs payment tonight.
Through cross and blood,
a path I took in no delight.
Had it I had chosen it,
the cross would save my soul this night.
The blood would wash my sins away.
I chose fire,
I chose lust,
I chose that which all must envy
and never truly have.
Yes... great and sad is said price.
Down with the lonely.
I'm coming tonight.

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