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the quest


This poem was written in response to the question of what makes a poem erotic.
  I wanted to make sure it was not ""in the face"" about sex I hope its what was wanted as always I thank my hart for the inspiration

 The Cavern fills with moist air and the darkness is parted by the light of desire
 A knight proudly stands erect. ready to fight with sword and lance shield and fire
 His quest a single jewel set in a satin case, to set his true love free
And Willing To face , if needed, his wilting death is he
The jewel is like a secret lock,, to unlock it take finesse
 With the touch of magic found only in a lovers caress
The knight enters upright his pace slow and soft
  He's shaft of steel and velvet pennant held high aloft
 To penetrate the darkest cave Lit with a single flame
A magic sound is requisite. Sweet whispers of her name
 The portals part and open heavens wondrous door
surrounded by Silver sparkling over walls and floor
His entry is regal and done with a care
Cherishing the moment that touches her heart there
  Lighting a flame to burn hotter then the suns heat
 Surrounded by a pulse ,throbbing like a heartbeat

The immured knight. Still standing proud
  Calls her name and groan's out loud
My love I need your opal treasure
 To serve the gods of earthly pleasure
  Overflow this Brooke of velvet and realise the jewel
 And some day my love we both will rule
Ov'r the land of pleasure and the land pain
Longer and brighter then the stars that reign
In the skies over our head and in our hearts,
The room shivers , shudders... And soon starts
 To close in, to hold our knight in deaths embrace
 Covering him in a shroud of molten silver and opal lace
 But his last act before he draws his final breathe and dies
 Is to blow a wet warmed kiss into his lovers thighs
The jewel is relinquished and the river flows
  The princess convulses and her scream of freedom goes
Flying through the caverns of dark and into the world
To be heard by the people and the flags are unfurled.
 There brave knight is no more but he will not be forgotten
 A statue was raised with words at the bottom
" My knight you are here , always with me, in my mind
 If I hunger for you I reach out and your love I will find"

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