tagErotic PoetryThe Quickie

The Quickie


Late in the day,almost time to go
Pop ino your office cause I needed to show
My tits sitting perfectly in my new bra
Black satin lace, in the front, a big star
You fondle my nipples to erection
Looking at my tits, you say "PERFECTION"
Head between my tits, you begin to lick
Skin now glistening, wet and slick
Must leave in 15 minutes, or you will miss your train
I grab your cock cause I can't refrain
You say baby, we can't I must go
Kissing your pant front, member begins to grow
I lick your crotch, and make a demand
Into my panties, I place your hand
Pussy swimming in juices, thick and sweet
Hand moving in and out, I gyrate to meet
Grabbing your cock, now engorged and hard
Off to the corner, my panties you discard
Smiling, I enjoy every long sweet stroke
Into my pussy, back and forth you poke
Faster, harder, ass on the edge of the desk
Off with the bra, face buried in my chest
Love juices, sweet fragrance now wafting in the air
Fucking on your desk without a damn care
I cum on your cock and squeeze you tight
You grab my ass and fuck with might
Cum-m-m-in-gg baby, you begin to mutter
Words can't come out, so you start to stutter
Cock pulled from pussy, oh what a crime
Knock on the door reminds you of the time
Your train leaves in 8 minutes sir, it's time to go
You respond quickly with, "thank you, I know"
I kiss your cock, and tuck it safely in it's place
Panties, pants, shirts, bra, to re-dress, it's a race
Fully clothed, door opens, a reminder that's live
Sir, this time your train leaves in five
We scramble to leave and hope we arrive
On time, the train pulls into the station
Hurriedly you board without hesitation
Pussy still dripping wet, over come with heat
My train pulls up, and I take my seat
One thing I can say, this can be quite tricky
Timing is everything, to pull off a quickie

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