tagErotic PoetryThe Sensuous Roses

The Sensuous Roses

bySmiling Eyes©

There was this man, whom I had never met before
He was a very honest man, one I could adore
Who caught me by surprise by saying, “Hello”
And handed me a rose, the color of, yellow
He said, “This is for your beautiful hair”
He put another yellow rose on the other side to make it fair
I gazed into his eyes
Oh how I could feel my heat rise
You put your arms around me
Ever so tight, so I couldn’t flee
Your lips brushed across my cheek
Testing me, if I would further seek
My head turned to meet your lips
As I could feel my clothes begin to slip
My fingers running through your hair
And you could smell the perfume like pears
With our lips joined together
Our tongues began to dance within each other
Your thumb brushes against the nipple on my breast
Raising it to its crest
The flooding sensations you make me feel
Your tender touch, is so real
You press your body into mine
And I just wait for your next line
You bend your head down and kiss my nipple
My body goes into a huge ripple
You gently began to suckle
As I feel my knees beginning to buckle
You lead me to the bed
Removing your clothes, as nothing needs to be said
My eyes began to wonder
Staring at your swollen cock with ponder
You gently lay me down with care and ease
My eyes telling you, yes please
Your lips reaching down to mine
While your hand is caressing my breasts, ooh that feels so fine
The inner lightening begins its heat
The sensations something you just can’t beat
Your tongue running down my stomach
My hips rise to tell you of my ache
Your tongue finds my vulva lips
My stomach is doing all kinds of flips
I grab your head with both of my hands and pull you in
And the waves of passion begin within
Your tongue finds my sensitive clit
I feel like I am ready to split
My hips rise above ever so high
The spasms taking me way into the sky
With one spasm after another
Your tongue enters me and I flutter
While you lick my sweet juices
My body begins to relax and there are no excuses
For the pleasure I felt
How you my dear, make me melt
You reach behind you, and you pull out a red rose
Brushing it across my toes
And up my legs
Again, you can see my eyes beg
You move it to my inner thighs
Throwing me again into a high
You brush it against my sweetness and up to my belly
Turning my body into jelly
You brush it over my forehead and then to my eyes
And you can hear, my big sighs
Down across my cheeks and over my lips
Your mouth reaches down and you give me a tender nip
You move the rose down my chin and neck
Not missing any flesh, not even a speck
The rose brushes both nipples with your tender loving touch
I feel my fists began to clutch
And you lay the red rose between my breasts bare
To show just how much you care
As we lay beside each other, so close and cuddly
The feeling of satisfaction felt so utterly
My soft tender lips meet yours for a kiss
My hand on your heart I feel it go amiss
I feel your cock on my thigh beginning to throb
So my hand reaches down to grab it and rub
Our kisses become deeper as lust hangs in the air
The hunger we feel is almost too much to bear
Our tongues touch each other as we explore
The tasteful liquid we both have come to adore
The sliding of our tongues as we go in and out
This is the start of what making love is all about
My fingers running through your hair
Not forgetting to touch every strand that you bare
As my finger traces your chin
Your sensuous mouth turns into a grin
My hands running over your strong body
Feeling your muscles and thoughts of being naughty
I slowly to move to your ear
Whispering softly the words you love to hear
“Let me love you my darling, so tender and sweet”
“Just dream of heaven because it will feel so neat”
My lips find the curve in your neck
While constantly rubbing your cock and not missing a speck
Mmmmmm my love you make me hot
For I am so wet in my special spot
My finger runs inside my lips and I load it with my honey
Then rubbing it on your cock to let you know its worth, more than money
My tongue finds your tiny nipples
As I nip with my teeth and lick you with my tongue, sending you waves of ripples
I feel your hips arch up a bit
I know you can’t wait for what you are about to get
My pointed tongue runs down your belly
Watching your body flex and turn into jelly
I stop and hand you a surprise gift
Asking you to open it, hoping you don’t get rift
You gently pull on the first string of the bow
With a little more urgency you give the second string a go
I watch as you remove the cover
And inside you find the caramel from your lover
You twist the cover to remove the lid
We began to feel like two new kids
I dip my finger into the topping
For now we know, there is no stopping
And I place the caramel on your cock
Your balls beginning to show stock
Filling with fluid of a salty nature
From inside your body, you are the creator
My tongue finds your cock very amusing
And the caramel adds to the flavor, which is absolutely refusing
My tongue flickers over your sensitive head
The movements becoming more and more on the bed
I surround your cock with my wonderful mouth
Your fluid relocation becoming a passion of wealth
As I suck the caramel from your swelling dick
Your hips rise higher as my tongue continues to flick
I began to suck with a harder passion
In and out, in such a fashion
Mmmmm long tender strokes baby
Your body in my control, and just maybe
The faster I go the closer you get
In reaching your climax, my wondrous pet
Now with long, hard, and faster sucking motions
I feel your body tense with all your inner emotions
Your body begins to jerk and feel the sudden spasms
Reaching that wonderful feeling of an orgasm
I suck you and suck you dry my sweet
For we both collapse, as we are totally beat
We sleep in each other’s arms
Resting up for the next alarms
The stirring of your body begins to arouse me
Your handsome face looking relaxed as can be
My fingers gently stroke your ear
Touching your body helps me to be near
I hear you make a groan
My tender lips kiss you before you utter a moan
Your body moves closer to mine
That’s what I wanted from you, was a sign
Your eyes flutter open, now I know I don’t need to beg
As my foot starts moving up and down your leg
We tighten our hugs to each other
Our tongues exploring within one another
My hands gently rubbing your back
For there is no love here that we lack
Your hands wandering over my soft skin
I want you to take me where I have been
Those great waves of passion begin to swell
Over that rainbow we both know so well
My hips begin to move from desire
Only you can put out that fire
You grab my ass then squeeze my cheeks
Pulling me closer to you as you speak
“I feel the love you have to give”
“Yes my love, for we have yet to live”
“Under one condition”
“We will satisfy us both, so you will move into the sixty-nine position”
I straddle my legs over your lips
You grab my ass and pull down on my hips
You use your tongue and take one long lick
From top to bottom, all in a flick
My pussy becomes so wet
Your tongue drives deep and you take all you can get
My mouth comes down around your cock
Sucking you in and out, our mouths too full for any talk
We both begin to moan and groan with pleasure
Because we both know, we are each other’s treasure
You grab my ass and turn me around
My heart rapidly begins to pound
You lay me gently on my back
Then you grab my legs swinging them over your shoulders with such a knack
You rub your cock against my love spot, and enter me slow
You look into my eyes and see that glow
My hips rise to the occasion
Wanting to feel all of you, mmmm and oh the sensation
Your hips begin to pick up a rally
Slamming your cock deep in my valley
Oh baby yes, take me I am yours
Sending waves and waves of passion galore
Our bodies lurch as the explosions take place
Over and over as we hit home base
Well this night was great, we both will say
Too bad it had to end this way
So you go your way and I'll go mine
With the hopes of doing this one more time

®Smiling Eyes™ 05-15-02

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