tagErotic PoetryThe Shower

The Shower


Hearing the gentle summer breeze outside, I toss and turn in bed, not able to sleep,Restless and hot, I rise from my four poster bed, and walk to the bathroom.Undoing the sash at my waist, I open my satin robe, feeling it slip off my shoulders,
The cool satin rubbing against my little nipples as it glides off, making my body shiver.I lean down to turn on the shower, making sure the water is warm, my fingers wet and slick.
I slip into the shower as I pull the lever, feeling the first contact of the soothing liquid on my skinI close the shower doors, and lean against the wall, allowing the water drops to touch my body.
Raising my arms above my head, closing my eyes, feeling the drops fall down my smooth tummy.My body arching as water slips in between my little bare petals, saturating me with warm and heat.
On their own accord, my lips part softly in a moan, as I feel my nipples being overun with water.I nibble on my lower lip with my small teeth, enjoying this relaxation...that turns to simple pleasure.
Feeling my nipples tighten like little diamonds as my back touches the cool shower wall.Suddenly, I feel something touch the side of my body, like a gentle caress.
The touch traces the contour of my hourglass figure, up to the sides of my breasts.For some reason, I cannot open my eyes, as i feel hands on my hips, pulling me towars its form.
My left leg is placed on the edge of the tub by a gentle yet firm hand.I feel a warm breath on my neck, then a flicker of a tongue on my lobe, suckling it softly.I begin to whimper softly, feeling dizzy with desire, as the tongue trails down my neck to my breasts.
Suddenly a pair of strong hands capture mine and raise them above my head, pinning me there.The hot tongue then circles around my aching nipples, causing my back to arch in desire.
As I stand pinned, full lips suddenly devour my nipple into his mouth, suckling gently then firmly,I squirm in helpless arousal, as only one hand now holds mine, as the other cups my full breast
Squeezing firmly, taking the sweet milk from my pink nipple, feeling it tingle and tighten constantly.My sweet milk nourishes him, I whimper helplessly only to fuel his primal hunger for me.
Both his huge hands cup my breasts now, squeezing then to greedily steal my sweet milk,A fiery heat forms deep inside my womb, as his suckling becomes pleasure-pain.
Milk leaks down my breasts to my smooth silky abs, as he suckles greedily.Feeling his tongue leave my nipples, hearing him growl as he lowers his body to kneel.
His tongue trailing along my abs, lapping up the milk that has escaped his greedy mouth,He stops and inhales my scent as he nears my little bare pink mound.
Feeling his hot breath on my quivering petals, I feel his nose near my opening.Suddenly I hear him growl in primal male hunger, and I try to escape him, fearing the sound.
Trying to move, fearing his growl, I move to the side only to have one huge hand grip my hips.Feeling myself suddenly being lifted in the air, I cry out in fear.
Then I quickly find my back against the wall, but lifted onto his shoulders, my legs on either side of his head. He growls out a warning; "Do not move woman, your wild sweet nectar has driven me into a frenzy.".
I cry out as his thumbs part my smooth petals, his tongue driving deep up inside me.My body arches as his big hands grip my behind, pulling me to him, rocking my body to him
Plunge after plunge his tongue drives deep inside me in search of more nectar.Helpless against this greedy male, and unable to control it, my body rips into a huge orgasm.
I hear him growl more as his long tongue impales me, his teeth now nipping at my throbbing jewelMy body squirms, as wave after wave of orgasms rack my body, feeding him my sweet nectar.
Suddenly I feel a finger enter my sacred area as his tongue impales my tight passage.I scream out as another orgasm takes over my body, seeing stars behind my lids, I whimper.
Unable to move an inch, as his body, mouth, fingers and tongue keep me captive,His growl causes my little throbbing jewel to vibrate, his hands now gripping my breasts hard.
He pulls me closer to him nipping my inner thigh, causing me to bleed, he licks the woundHears his own pleasure as he tastes both my essences; blood and nectar.
Unable to take more, my vision goes black and I lay limp on him, as he continues to taste me.Gently, my body is lifted as if being carried or floating.
My eyes open and I blink to awaken, waking in my bed, I frown to rid of the confusion.Was it a dream? My body covered in a sheet and my hair dry, but as I look down at my body.....
.......A faint outline of a bite remains on my inner thigh where my leg meets the soft petals......
Written by: ~ ~LadySensualFire~ ~

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