The Spirit


The Spirit is strong - the flesh is Weak
What does it mean to you or me,
These words so easy to speak,
Can we use these words to help us see

In each of us, a Spirit lies
Sometimes deep in a secret place
Which gives us strength and courage
And helps us face,
The pain in this life
With all its struggles and all its strife.

A pain filled mind, fills with doubt
That makes a body submit,
And not let the Spirit out
To allow the Spirit a chance to heal,
We must move back in time
To a happier place where we can feel
Laughter, love and things for which we care
Our body is only a cloth we wear

This is the Spirit we talk about
That is strong and can give us
The peace we seek
When our bodies cry out in pain
And we are weak

Look inside yourself, let your Spirit out.

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