tagErotic PoetryThe Start of the Night

The Start of the Night

bygalen ubal©

Thrusting, aching, filling, needing;
Deep within you, to the core.
Gasping, moaning, shaking, willing;
Legs around to pull in more.

Stretching, swelling, sweating, groaning;
On the edge now, head bowed low.
Feeling, crying, clawing, screaming;
On the edge too, eyes are closed.

Jerking, swearing, shouting, coming;
Feel the spasms rock my bones.
Jerking, swearing, shouting, coming;
Say my name in muted tones.

Slumping, falling, catching, calling;
Join together, one in one.
Resting, holding, kissing, stroking;
This night's loving just begun.

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