tagErotic Poetrythe strongest Power in the Universe

the strongest Power in the Universe


The strongest Power in the Universe
  is not Nuclear Fissile Energy !!!
It is the Sexual Urge ----
  i do not say it !!!
Mighty Yogis have experimented on their
  Desire & with their Will-Power
Swami Vivekananda , Sri Ramakrishna ,
  Yugacharya Pranavananda all said it ---
Control your Ojas , your Tejas ,Bindu , Semen
   O you Mighty Mennnnn!!!!!
Channelize your Urge into the
   Shushumna Nadi ---that shining Super-conscious Needle of Will-powered Bliss ,nestling Deep
   in the Cavern of thy Spinal Chord !!
Don't shoot your jism , but shoot your Bliss
   the Super -slim --Self-conscious thread
of Mighty Super-sensuous Pleasure will Rise
   UPPPP thy Spine !!!
Mighty , Divine -----
    O super-Conscious WINNNEEEE !!!
Making Immortality Mine ---
   Instaed of Yoni / Vagina
your channel of Love , your chosen
   Beloved Tunnel ,your Cavern of Bliss
Make it thy own Spine ---a Barrel of a GUN !
   Thy own Phallus the Trigger ,Pranayama
or Breath thy Slave ! Root-Locked Kegel's
   Muscle SQUEEZE , Semen DON'T Release !
Imagination , Fetish ,Habits under the
   Jack-Boot of Mantra KILL !
Jai Ma Yoni ! Jai Sri Lingam !
   Of many Billions & through out the
Centuries of History how many men have
  achieved total Self Mastery --Total
Self - Control ?????????????
   One perhaps --ONE !
A Jesus , a Muhammad , a Shankaracharya !
   a Buddha , a Nanak , a Zoarashtra  --
A Mahavir , a Moses ...a Gandhi !!
  His words carry Power , the Earth shakes --
Revolutions occur --Steve Jobs appreciated
   the Autobiography of a Yogi ; he understood
about Gates he said --& this is true of the
   Rest of the world : Bill totally does'nt
         get it ! : the world totally
Does'nt Get it ! Get IT ! get It / get it ...

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