tagErotic PoetryThe Summer's Heat

The Summer's Heat


The sun's heat shimmer's down,

Warming my naked body and turning it a golden brown,

Touching me places, like a lover should,

I close my eyes, and think, 'Only, if he would...'

Stroking my face as the breeze stirs my fiery mane,

The thoughts in my mind would drive a man insane,

As the heat radiates, it seeps inside,

MMMM, awakening what I thought had died,

I slowly sigh and I run my tongue across my burning lips,

As I imagine its you, I move my hips,

Every so slightly, reaching up,

Yearning for your touch,

My legs move, to let you in,

My fantasy begins,

Your warm, wet kisses trailing down my legs, then back up,

I moan, arching into your touch,

Your hands roam free, stroking the deepest parts of me,

My head is thrashing side to side,

I lose control and let out a sigh,

I open my emerald eyes, looking through the haze of desire,

You laugh, and tell me you have just started to stoke the fire,

You turn me over and position me in front of you and on all fours,

I moan, I don't think I can take much more,

You tell me yes I can, and Oh I will,

Cause you won't slow down until,

You have quenched my thirst,

Mmm...but first,

Hands on my hips,
You tighten your grip,

I feel your hunger and your need,

And it matches the one deep inside of me,

Rocking back into you, I cry out your name,

Knowing that after your touch, I'll never be the same,

I open my eyes and I realize,

I am alone, It was just the summer heat,

Taunting and toying with me.

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