tagErotic PoetryThe sun and moon

The sun and moon


Every beat of my hart inspires me

Watching the moon ,through the window, rise
Knowing The sun will now be in your eyes
I feel for the pain of the sun and moon
Because as a pair their parted to soon
Like us they don't spend much time together
Time apart feeling like it spreads forever
And then to be forcefully ripped away,
The tides of time we all have to obey

The time ticks by ohh so very fast
Before you know it hours have past
Your so ingrossed within your heart
That when the time comes to finally part
You hang on till the very final moment
Treasuring each and every single fragment
Of all the time in which you have to live
And Every second of hope and love you give

To create an everlasting lasting memory
Needs something like an act of wizardry
You store the thoughts inside your brain
Packed and Sealed away from all the pain
That could very well overwhelm you in time
If you ever let go and it gets out of line
Is it worth it, the torture and the discomfort
To love a man you've never even met?

Ask me this again in few sweet hours
He doesn't need to send me flowers
Nor whisper sweet nothing in my ear
Nor promise to be with me in a year
Because I don't care about any off that
I am happy to sit here and just chat
To spend the time in his company
The first hour of, I hope , very many

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