tagErotic Poetrythe syndrome

the syndrome


i didn't get it from jerking off guys
i got it from always rubbing my clit
i was diagnosed with carpel tunnel syndrome
i couldn't believe it
my hand and wrist were always hurting
but that didn't keep me from masturbating
i had no idea
a medical problem i was creating
i was always watching porn
and stroking my tender clit
while stuffing all kinds of things up my cunt
anything that would fit
orgasm after orgasm
masturbating hour after hour
sometimes not stopping to eat
or even take a shower
sometimes i'd pull out a diry magazine
and masturbate to a sexy girl
i'd be fingering my moist pussy
and massaging my stiff pearl
carpel tunnels' not gonna be my only problem
do you masturbate as much as me
if i keep this up
i'll need a clit-ectomy
but i just get so horny
so hot and turned on
i've been known to masturbate
from dusk to dawn
if you can relate
please let me know
well my clit is calling
so i've got to go

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