tagNon-Erotic PoetryThe Tale of Captain Verlund

The Tale of Captain Verlund


Come hear a tale not too lightly told
Of bitter-turned love and waves rather cold

Verlund was his name: Young man of much passion
Whose heart beat so purely, but then took a thrashin'

Betrothed was he, to one villainous dame
Fairest of skin and fairer of name
Veltess Vanz'delane was what she was called
And these things she done did they will shock and appall!

Unfaithful and sly, Veltess only cared
That groom Verlund's family had made him an heir
Of some old crusty map that she had to get got
'Cuz this map had X's that did mark the spot
To vast sums of gold and things that this cutie
Just had to possess, so she gave up that booty

So wed they became, a man and his wife
Who poisoned his stew and stole Verlund's life
The map now hers, Veltess this new widow
Did roll hubby's corpse right out the front window

Ker-plosh! Ker-plash! Verlund sank many fathoms
Even sharks felt so bad that not one would dare have 'im!
The corpse it did sink to the base of the sea
And the Devil himself thought of such deviltry!

"Say there, young man, what is the matter?"
Old Scratch asked Verlund, whose soul now did scatter

"I'm dead and betrayed!" The sunk soul did say
Verlund's fists held tight in blistering rage!

Old Scratch asked a question "Are you broken-hearted?"

"Damn right I am, Sir! Bitch don't know what she started!"

"Well that's such a bummer, I do feel for you, kid."
The Devil stroked his beard and this is what he did
"I'll make you an offer, since you seem right mad,
Give me your soul and all else you might have
For a chance to head back to the realm of the living
And refund all the pain that you have been given!
I'll give you a ship and I'll make you a Cap'n-"

Verlund's mouth fell open "Can you make all that happen?"

Old Scratch did guffaw and he said with some cheer
"I'll make you that offer; Just sign your name here!"

Verlund's name was scribbled and fact was then fact
That he and the Devil had done made a pact
A ship and a crew, along with the power
To claim vengeance due now for many an hour

Cap Verlund returned at the helm of a vessel
with pangs of conscious not once did he wrestle
as he took his own Widow and then did equip
her supple young figure to the bow of his ship

Now Sailor's stomachs knot and their teeth they do clench
For all fear Cap Verlund and his ship the Drowned Wench!

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